Mainstream Media (BBC) Unknowingly Exposes UN/WHO Ebola Fear Mongering Propaganda Campaign

Corporate Hold Up in the Philippines: Fluoride Toothpaste and Poverty

Depression, ADHD and the Psychotizing of Next Generations

Gmail Ghost Accounts, Documented with a Hard Copy!

I Was Invited to Join Crime Fighters … No Kidding

Holonet? Locked Out from Facebook + Censored Mails

The ISIS Beheading of James Wright Foley is FAKE!

Population Control: The Ebola Agenda

“U.S. Military Aid to Israel Exceeds $100 Billion ”

2 Months Later: NATO’s Black-Holed Budget

Black Hole: Billions of NATO-Dollars Unaccounted for

Finally the Dutch Court of Audit has published today its preliminary findings on NATO’s budget and spending. To no surprise at all a lot of money remains unaccounted for. Without any doubt, the blood of at least 1.5 million deaths that is also on NATO’s hands has something to do with the missing money. It’s really no secret that NATO is guilty of war crimes.

Tar Sand Oil: EU Alarmism on CO2 Pollution Phantasy Contradicts the EU’s Oil Trade Practices

Except for conscious folks who know all too well that the fabricated story about the so-called CO2 pollution is nothing but a corporate phantasy bubble, brainwashed man made climate change alarmists will once again have a hard time explaining yet another obvious piece of evidence that they indeed are fighting the wrong battle.

Chemtrails and Your Health: The Implications of Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA)

To the jet fuel of (commercial) airliners several chemicals are in many cases, if not all, added to improve the ignition of the fuel because at high altitudes flame-out occurs in the jet engines when no additives are added. To overcome this, chemicals such as trimethyl aluminum (TMA) are added to the jet fuel. However, the use of trimethyl aluminum is not without danger or implications.

Shooting at Jewish Museum: Belgian Political Vultures Unfold Real Agenda

To no surprise at all and right on schedule the political vultures in the Belgian and EU governments are opening the curtains that once kept hidden their real agenda. Whether or not the shooting in the Brussels jewish museum was triggered on purpose is yet to be proven but for now that is not really important because the vultures have descended and are currently feeding of the carcass.


Update 4: ISIL Suspect Arrested for Jewish Museum Shooting in Brussels, Belgium

Now that the alleged shooter is officially being linked to ISIL another embarrassing situation has come up for the Belgian, Israeli and US governments. From the very start the Belgian government and the EU were undeniably pressured by the Israel lobby to advertise the Brussels museum shooting as “antisemitic terrorism,” although no evidence existed then and not even today, to support such claims, as the western propaganda machine goes in overdrive.

Innocent Photos of Chemtrailing over the Netherlands, May 2014

It is certainly worth it to take a look at some innocent photos whenever these come along because then we have an unbiased cameraman who is taking pictures without the intention to use them for any other purpose than recording an innocent event.

Proof that Western Media and Governments Fabricate Boko Haram Narratives, in Cooperation with Nigerian Government

Why is the western propaganda machine showing videos wherein a different person is being put in front of a camera who claims to be Abubakar Shekau? This is impossible since he is dead and he doesn’t even look like Abubakar Shekau. It are two completely different persons.

Body Count: UNEI’s 1.5 Million Deaths in the “War on Terror” Since 2001

The so-called “war on terror” that was launched in 2001 by the US, NATO, the EU and Israel (UNEI) is in fact, simply put, a war on everyone who refuses to submit to the alliance’s dominance and imperialism. This war has little to do with terrorists as it is defined by the UNEI alliance because it is a fact that under their own definition of ‘terrorism’ they themselves are the biggest terrorist organization that the world has ever seen. Their terrorism has claimed more lives than any extremist since world war 2 and most of those deaths are innocent citizens that the UNEI alliance calls ‘collateral damage.’

US, UK and Mainstream Press Lost in Own Nigerian Web of Lies

African news sources have confirmed that the abducted Nigerian school girls have already been freed, despite continuing Western news propaganda suggesting otherwise.

Update 3 Museum Shooting Brussels: Tel Aviv Couple Worked for Israeli Department of Homeland Security

Jewish sources have confirmed that both Emanuel Riva and Miriam Riva, the Tel Aviv couple that was murdered in the Brussels jewish museum on May 24, worked for the Israeli government. The Sources explicitly state that the Riva’s worked for “Ministry of Public Security” / “DHS” which stands for the Israeli Department of Homeland Security.

Update 2: Shooting at Jewish Museum Brussels, Belgium

As the official stories surrounding the May 24 shooting at the Brussels Jewish museum in Belgium further unfold we can confirm that our initial starting points and assumptions are further being proven to be accurate.

Update: Brussels Shooting at Jewish Museum

Yesterday we reported on the shooting that occurred in a jewish museum in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday. We described how, under strong pressure from the Israel lobby, the Belgian government and media had already concluded that the shooting was an act of “antisemitic terrorism,” although no evidence existed that could substantiate such claims.

“Gangsterberg:” SITHHC Commission Opens Investigation into Bilderberg, Corporative Governance Wholesale Hub

In what is likely to be the first of its kind, the SITHHC Commission has announced today to have received an extensive complaint against Bilderberg and declared it has started its investigation.


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