Alert Timestamp: 2019/12/26 – 3.38 am GMT+8

From AFW, Admin at intelcaster.com:

At 2.48 am GMT+8 Youtube video manipulation was registered, twice, at the From the Trenches World Report (FTTWR) website. Although the correct Youtube URLs were/are embedded at FTTWR (by the FTTWR website admin), visitors saw the wrong videos being loaded. This has been fully documented and the screenshots of it and a FTTWR HTML source proving the manipulation are included in this RNA, below.

The reason why they* resort to this kind of content manipulation is to make it appear that a website admin can’t even embed the right video URL, while on the other hand writing or publishing about “conspiracy theories”.

I have seen this video manipulation on a few other resistance websites in the past but now I actually have it documented.

Click the links for screenshots:

First video that was manipulated at FTTWR: “James O’Keefe Delivers Keynote Speech To Over 5,000 Students at TPUSA Student Action Summit 2019”

Second video that was manipulated at FTTWR: “Mary, Did You Know – Hannah Ellis”

HTML source proving the manipulation at FTTWR: .png

Screenshots showing the wrong videos playing, proving that it is not a “glitch”: .png

I am not surprised at all that this has happened, “they” know that FTTWR has republished the Bing vs Google report and they simply hate it. This shows how serious they are about messing up the real resistance. They will do anything to slow us down and silence us.

*Youtube or someone else who’s seemingly upset about FTTWR reposting the report listed in RNA1: “Bing vs Google: Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon”

RNA1 – RE: Sustained Attacks on INTELCASTER.COM, ITNT.NEWS

Alert Timestamp: 2019/12/25 – 2.11 pm GMT+8

Updates are listed at the bottom of this RNA

From the Admins of INTELCASTER.COM and ITNT.NEWS:

During the afternoon of December 23, 2019, an attack was initiated against the INTELCASTER.COM domain, about an hour after the following report was published at INTELCASTER.COM:

#FAKEisNEWS: The Manufacturing of a Fake News War

located at intelcaster.com/2019/12/23/fakeisnews-the-manufacturing-of-a-fake-news-war

By December 24, 2019, the attack became more severe, which became apparent when the back-end of the website was, and still is, not accessible. The attack was scaled up after the following report was published at INTELCASTER.COM:

Bing vs Google: Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon

Located at intelcaster.com/2019/12/24/bing-vs-google-bing-is-a-search-engine-google-is-a-weapon

By then also the ITNT.NEWS domain became a target of the sustained attack, after the above, 2, reports were republished at ITNT.NEWS located, respectively, at:



As of this update both sites’ back-ends are inaccessible.

Additionally, although many site visitors may still see the sites’ contents, many more visitors either get blank screens or 504 error messages when trying to load the sites’ contents. This seemingly depends on the location of the visitors, where the authentic website traffic is coming from. In certain countries you may still have easy access to both websites but at this point we have not yet been able to analyze which countries those are.

Obviously, the content of both reports is what triggered the attacks. That is why we urge people around the world to get copies of the reports and repost them on their own webpages, blogs and social media timelines – in order to still get the message out and distribute the facts that are contained in the reports.

A copy of the “Bing vs Google” report is already online and can be found at From the Trenches World Report:


The two reports will not be republished on this WordPress blog, at truthnewsinternational.wordpress.com, to avoid this blog being pulled by WordPress admins. We hope that they let us keep this blog operational.


Apparently, we have pushed the CORRECT buttons of the control grid syndicate. Obviously they do not approve of these two reports getting out there into the public domain.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a real information war looks like. This is how the truth is being suppressed and this is how the resistance will go down if we do not team up and combine our efforts immediately!

Everyone’s freedom is on the line here, we either live oppressed or we gear up and go toe to toe with the control grid syndicate.

Contact the INTELCASTER.COM and ITNT.NEWS admins at:

contact@intelcaster.com; contact@itnt.news


RNA1 UPDATE 3, 2019/12/26 – 12.56 am GMT+8

Normal access to the intelcaster.com and itnt.news websites has been restored as of 11.47 am GMT+8.


RNA1 UPDATE 2, 2019/12/26 – 3.50 am GMT+8

Normal access to the intelcaster.com and itnt.news websites has not yet been restored.


RNA1 UPDATE 1, 2019/12/25 – 4.06 pm GMT+8

Two extra backups are now available online, at Hashbase (a peer-to-peer network):

#FAKEisNEWS: The Manufacturing of a Fake News War


Bing vs Google: Bing is a Search Engine, Google is a Weapon