Forced to Reorganize My Online Work – K.J

As you may have noticed by now I have switched to two new websites, and Psyop Ninja. This reorganization of my online work came due to the fact that all my previous websites are compromised – in that they in many cases positively referenced James Heikkila (Jim Stone), Infowars and other non-truthers.

My previous websites can now therefore only be used as archives of older publications. It is useless to keep posting on these websites because they are polluted with the writings and quotes from the aforementioned distortion operatives. In the process I have lost some money on hosting and domain names but I accept that loss for what it is, though I hope I can partially make up the loss through my new sites.

Anyway, I understand that some folks will hate me for the path I have chosen recently but lets be honest with ourselves here. What good does it do when we allow ourselves to mingle with and promote the publications of those who are known to be willful deceivers?

I honestly doubt that, due to the recent events, we will ever see an authentic and organized truth movement any time in the future. All we’ll have is individual operations that at times may work together for certain campaigns but the option of a real collective resistance is not on the table now. Too great numbers of people have been neutralized, especially online.

We find ourselves at a crucial junction here. As I wrote earlier, the Infowars ISIS video psyop [1, 2, 3] has damaged and derailed the once assumed truth movement enormously. Apparently decisions have been made to start an all-out war on the hard core resistance, thereby first of all eliminating the easy followers who gather in clicks around Alex Jones.

Because it is such a crucial junction here it is imperative that those of us who can see through the fog and can work around the murky waters of today try their best to individually reorganize as well. If not for the greater good then for each and every one personally. It is my belief that this is a first and essential step in fighting back, as all of us were forced into a new chapter – a post truth movement chapter that is.

It has clearly been demonstrated several times now how practically an entire movement can successfully be co-opted, not only concerning Infowars and Jim Stone (who publicly supports Alex Jones) but also concerning Anonymous, Occupy and ISIS. New similar operations are surely already on the drawing boards in Washington, London, Brussels and Tel Aviv.


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