Dissecting Man Made Global Warming

Almost every person on Earth is being told that our planet is facing a man made problem: global warming. It’s been said over and over again by mainstream media, numerous governments and institutions. Whole populations are being forced to believe that the emission of CO2 is the main reason why our planet’s temperatures are rising. Is this really the case?

If the man made global warming problem is true then how come we find reports of scientists backing of of this whole theory?

Video link: http://youtu.be/FfHW7KR33IQ

Even mainstream news outlets are beginning to alter their story lines, after years of saying that humans cause global warming:

To believe that humans and CO2 emissions are causing a global warming is easy when people are being bombarded with the same lines over and over again. But let us take a look at what happened back in 2007-2010:

Let us not forget what happened in the history of planet Earth: ice ages and interglacial periods. The Earth has known previous periods of cooling and periods of warming. Our planet and these periods have been around even before we humans had the honor of walking around on this planet.

There’s also the accusation towards CO2, carbon dioxide, claimed to be a greenhouse gas and we humans are being held responsible for producing “too much” CO2. This is claimed to be the main reason for the (man made) global warming.

Let us think about this for a while, we know that CO2 is nothing but natural it’s an essential part of nature: the carbon cycle.

Is it fair to state that CO2 would be harmful for the environment when it’s obvious that plants and trees grow bigger when being exposed to higher levels of CO2?

Video link: http://youtu.be/YB29Mfw-HcU

So is there something else going on then when they are trying to force us into a world where we should have less CO2? For example, why was the Rio +20 Earth Summit negotiating text secret?

Remember, about a year ago we had the Green Climate Fund (a $100 billion per year money machine) requesting diplomatic immunity to shield its operations from any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates.

Could this have something to do with this (?):

Video link: http://youtu.be/YtevF4B4RtQ

Let us complete this article with the knowledge that sea levels are not rising due to man made global warming, that the sun (solar activity) and other celestial bodies do influence the weather and temperatures here on Earth:

To stop global warming is therefore impossible and not even worthy to be considered since it’s a natural occuring event. To say that we should stop global warming is the same as saying “the Earth should stop turning” and “the universe and nature are bad”, which of course is not true.

Follow the money trail and you’ll find answers!