The Financial Crisis Audit 2013

The world is not just in a man made global warming trance, everywhere you go and everyone you talk to… they all say the same since 2007-2008: “We’re in the middle of a financial crisis.” But is this the right term for a situation that was created on purpose? Lets look at the facts in order to understand what is really going on.

On July 21, 2011, a remarkable article was published at U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ Newsroom, titled “The Fed Audit”. The article begins with an all telling sentence:

  • “The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses…”

The word that catches everyone’s attention here is of course “secret”. What does it mean to provide secret loans to banks and businesses? Because it were secret loans one can’t resist to start speculating on what was/is going on behind closed financial doors where the public, the people of the world, cannot hear what the real deal is. When we hear the word “secret” it is in our human nature to also think of “hidden agendas” and “back-door deals”, far away from public eyes.

It’s safe to say that there never was any intention to inform taxpayers from around the world, until the first audit of the US Federal Reserve came around, that they were being set up in a huge international financial construction which never had any chance of succeeding in the first place. True, there have already been billions of dollars and euros, taxpayer money, being forwarded to financial institutions but since the truth came out we can no longer state that the attempt to fool the entire public is a complete success. Even though many have lost their jobs and houses, people know, and everyday the number of people who realize what has happened and what is currently going on is exponentially increasing.

In the last few years we were all witnesses of how governments have fallen because of the impact of these secret loans provided by the US Federal Reserve, in Italy and Greece, just to name a few. It’s been said that Iceland is recovering the best of all and that they refuse to play the “financial crisis game.” It’s a fact indeed, from some point of view (former Prime Minister Geir Haarde was not sentenced while some bankers were although 2/3 of their sentences were suspended for two years), but lets not forget about the other facts too. Iceland has received $4.6 billion in loans from the IMF, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to avert a default. These loans will have to be paid back one way or another. Iceland is also set to raise taxes on tourism: VAT. In this way Iceland lets the tourists pay a large part of their bailout loans. Not playing the “financial crisis game”? We don’t share that point of view, for Iceland too has submitted to political and financial pressure instead of standing their ground by saying NO to any of the debts forced upon them.

As for Italy and Greece? Well, banks are now in full control there, unelected financial pawns were put in powerful positions, leaving democracy far behind.


At some point in history countries would have been able to handle a financial crisis of this size, their gold reserves allowed them to. This of course changed when gold was being dumped on the market in the 1980s and 1990s by numerous governments, a result of intense lobbying. For example, The Netherlands and Belgium each sold more than 1,100 tons of their gold reserve in the last 20+ years. The term used here is “on loan” to another entity and most likely, on its own turn, “to mask its own inventory deficit.”

So now we have a situation where the paper gold market is significantly larger than the physical market. Add to this the fact that gold and silver prices are being manipulated and we can truly see how gold reserves and markets are being run by governments and financial institutions which are being called “to big to fail“, meaning that still more money has to flow to them as they see fit and the public should have no saying in it at any time.

Afer all, bankers have already declared the U.S. and Europe conquered.


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To get us all out of the financial crisis it’s been proposed, and executed, to just print more money indefinitely (more than $85 billion a month in the U.S. alone) or to even buy more by exceeding the available market, buying up that which not even exists yet.

Another solution proposed by politicians and bankers is to again raises taxes, so more money keeps flowing to the banks while leaving the people with nothing in return for their “commitment”, like in Ireland:

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How did it ever come this far? That’s pretty simple to explain. The people have been too busy consuming, too often credit based, and have let their eyes and attention off of governments and institutions. Consumption is still what it’s all about for most of the people. As long as this doesn’t change in order to regain the power over laws and governments nothing will ever change at all. Governments, financial institutions and international corporations will grow more powerful, more authoritarian, until the point where the public realizes that their freedom has completely vanished.

To state that we are in a crisis is not really accurate, since the situation was created on purpose, long before 2007-2008, we should rather speak of a fraudulent operation.