True Charity © Peace Table

True Charity Peace Table


The True Charity © Peace Table is a worldwide peace mission, an honest attempt to bring together all the people of the world. The basis of this initiative is also the fundamental idea of all charity organizations, causes and projects:

  • “To help those who need help, who cannot take care of themselves without some help from generous people”



Providing the Opportunity to Have Everyone’s Voice Being Heard

At the Peace Table and in everyday life it’s important to hear ideas, solutions and opinions from everyone. At the Peace Table we listen to everyone while we shape our individual points of view. Too often, great minds remain hidden from the worldwide community, never having any chance of sharing their visions. Their contributions can be of great value so let us include everybody.

Establishing Peace and Understanding

It is common knowledge that barriers like political ideology and religion tend to cause division. At the Peace Table we work together to change and rebuild these barriers into bridges of hope and understanding in order to reach peace between different cultures. The freedom of religion, expression, association, information and press should be defended at all times, it should never be put at doubt while oppression should.

Helping People in Need, Poverty and Unfortune

The Peace Table is a perfect vehicle to organize help and to mobilize helpers. People in need, poverty and unfortune often require small assistance in life to be able to build their own future. For those who need more help and care the Peace Table can arrange this too because we have over 200 sovereign state/charity/project representations available who can be consulted.

Informing the Worldwide Public and Spreading Reality

Knowing what is actually happening around the world, based on real facts (truth), can and will make the lives of 100s of millions of people much easier. There’s really no point in not spreading real news, this only brings division: those who know and those who don’t. Everyone is entitled to know what is being done in their names.

Promoting Charity, Development and Humanitarianism

To help people in need, poverty and unfortune is one thing but it’s even more productive and in everyone’s best intrest to also stimulate others to go out and be active in any field of operations. The more people are helping others the fewer will be those who are left behind.

Bringing Science and Technology Within Reach of Everyone

Science and technology are wonderful parts of the human culture, unfortunately not everyone has the chance today to experience the benefits of both science and technology. The Peace Table has to work on this problem at all times, to empower every individual as much as possible.

Reducing the Power of Money

All too often do we see how in the current society people are left on their own. Yet they have the skills and the minds to accomplish great goals in life. No money for education or transportation are common problems, also the lack of connections to people of influence is a major obstacle. The latter is probably the most important problem that the Peace Table has to address and eliminate. Corporate lobbying at government institutions on the basis of financial gains and expectations is also one of the main reasons why wrong decisions are being made by governments.

Increasing the Awareness and Implementation of Common Future Goals

In everyone’s benefit, it’s always better to know and to understand which directions our worldwide community is heading. It improves the lives of the people when they know what is being decided in their names, while having a chance to speak out freely, and it stimulates the feeling of belonging to a real planetary community.

Improving Health Through Natural Solutions

Synthetic medicines are not bad by definition but it’s a fact that for too many of the pills and inoculations (vaccines) on the market today there are probably even more side effects related to them. Earth provides us with many cures on her own but it’s an alarming trend that we are losing our connection and true relation with nature. The Peace Table should work on reconnecting with Earth (this includes the protection of ecosystems) to improve the health of humans and only choose synthetic medication when there’s no natural alternative available.

Updating Educational Systems and Curriculums On a Factual Basis

Around the world we find educational systems and curriculums which are increasingly obsolete (outdated) or even incorrect. This doesn’t serve any student, not in their youth and not in their adult lives. The Peace Table is an ideal environment to start the process of real updates, based on facts, truth and real science instead of assumptions and (political) ideologies. Knowledge is power, power to the people.

Disclosing History and Present

Let us break free from conspiracies, secrets, corruption cover-ups and hidden powers – lets open the real books of history and the present. The Peace Table is for these occasions the ultimate place to start the disclosure on any topic, even the ones out of this world.


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