Global Weather Manipulation for Profits and Power

In the title for this article we’ve decided to include the word ‘manipulation’ rather than writing ‘modification’ for the latter could suggest that it’s about doing good. The term ‘manipulation’ is intended to bring a stronger message across about practices which are not only harmful to humans and animals but to the environment as a whole.

On the search results pages of Google we can find evidence that the term ‘manipulation’ is not very popular when being linked to ‘weather’. The number of results is clearly much lower than when ‘weather’ is linked to ‘modification’. Or less people experience it as manipulation or a huge number of search results is not being provided.

In our previous article “Dissecting Man Made Global Warming” we described and proved how data and the public opinion is being manipulated in order for mainstream media, (financial) corporations and international institutions to stay ‘in control’ of the people of the world, or so that’s what they aim at to say the least.

However, we’ve only scratched the surface of the “man made global warming” scheme. Lets take another look at this from a different angle, lets go deeper and lets find more answers as we discover the real intentions of this global operation. You’ll notice that it ties in with many other events and plans which many of us have heard of before.


There are companies which sell chocolate cookies, others make cars and some change the weather, like in the USA and Europe. There’s even a Weather Modification Association since 1950. To manipulate the weather may not be alarming at first sight, until we start to investigate the applied methods and the reasons for weather manipulation.

From time to time we can even find mainstream news outlets covering “weather modification” as these articles show us:

To provide you with a good view on the methods and dangers of global weather manipulation we invite you to watch the following videos which include detailed information on how it’s being done and why.

Learn more about High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.), Next-Generation Radar (NexRad) and chemtrails.


NexRad Weather Control: Manufacturing Cloud Systems

Video link:


NexRad Weather Control: Vortex Creation

Video link:


H.A.A.R.P.: CBC Broadcast About Weather Control

Video link part 1:

Video link part 2:


H.A.A.R.P.: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Video link:


H.A.A.R.P. and Earthquakes

Video link:


Chemtrails: “WHAT in the World Are They Spraying?”

Video link:


Chemtrails: “WHY in the World Are They Spraying?”

Video link:


The video below ties all the above together, it might however boggle the mind how complex and real it is. Yet the true world in which we live in is, sadly, not being reflected on the mainstream TV screen nor in the mainstream newspapers. This is why videos like the following one are becoming more important every day.

Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering

Video link:


In the previous video we could also see and hear information about “Futurist” Raymond Kurzweil and how he sees the world and the people on this planet evolve. Lets expand on that, and take a closer look at this man’s vision while watching the next video, recorded at an Israeli Presidential Conference, where he answers questions from Shimon Peres. You’ll notice how these questions at the end of the video are exposing the real reasons of Kurzweil’s disquisition.

Video link:

Again the man made global warming theory, which has already been proven to be a fraudulent operation, is being cited but Peres also clearly believes that currently there are too many people on this planet by saying it’s “overloaded”. He’s not the only one of course, Prince Bernhard who is one of the founders of the WWF and a former nazi party member has the same views on this matter because his “human population is reaching plague proportions” (video link: remark speaks for itself. As does Bill Gates, although he prefers vaccines, GMOs and eugenics (video link:

Referring to man made global warming Peres states that the ice on the Himalayas is melting, a sign that the Earth is “crying”. He might even reach some people with soft hearts by saying this but that ice has melted before during previous interglacial periods. The Earth has therefore “cried” in the past and it most probably will in the future as well. In fact it already does when we consider the global weather manipulation practices as documented in this article and the included videos.

How do you like your weather? Natural or man-made?