Israel Declares War on Damascus, Syria. “Nuclear Class Weapons” May Have Been Involved.

By Jim Stone:

Analysis of the Video from Syria Proves It to Be a Nuclear Air Burst

Regardless of What the Media Says, Israel Struck First

“Israel dropped a nuclear class weapon on Damascus, mushroom cloud so big it sparked it’s own lightning. Two Israeli jets shot down, anti aircraft batteries responding”

My comment – It really appeared to be at least a kiloton class weapon, with a mushroom cloud at least a KM high.

“Earthquake Preceeded Blast”

My comment – Ok, the attack may have been nuclear, because it shook the ground FIRST, and then the “blast” penetrated the surface where it was observed by people on the ground. NOTE – this is not the blast in the video below.

RT is reporting a dead journalist, with surviving journalists thus far seeing over 300 dead. If that many dead are seen this soon, the actual count will be in the thousands until the divide by a thousand factor is thrown in by the spin team, official “dead” will likely be fewer than 20.

Another round of attacks by Israel is underway. It is now being reported that Syria has been forced to declare war on Israel.

Israel is confirming the loss of two planes, and also confirming they are bombing Syria.

Israel has cancelled all schools tomorrow and told all people to stay home from work in case Syria attacks back.

The Aleppo airport has been completely obliterated.

All power out in the entire Damascus metro area after latest round of Israeli airstrikes.

Several Syrian military divisions completely wiped out, plus a key military airport not in Aleppo.

If Syria declares war on Israel, in response to being bombed, the U.S. will step in to “defend” Israel’s aggression. If Israel bombed FIRST, then America is defending an aggressive nation. That’s all there is to it. And if Syria does not respond, Israel will proceed to flatten them. All is fair on the playground I guess, where bullies prevail and World War 3 is sought by the bankers at all costs.

Video link:

Video link:

An explanation of the “Allahu Akbar” statements in the video[s]:

The blast was so big that the people you can hear did not know if they would be dead when the shock wave arrived so they professed their belief in God before possibly dying. … It is obvious that in fact they thought they might be dead.

The fire is from a previous bombing run, the big blast is near the end, this proves Israel is using the largest ordnance there is. This was filmed from approximately 3 kilometers away.

Don’t Expect the “Official” Truth About Anything from Damascus

The first casualty of war is the truth, so the best thing to go on is the videos individuals have posted to Youtube, and the blast effects. I am holding my ground – Earthquake and then blast means bunker busting nuke that breached the surface. On top of that, the scale of a couple of those blasts was beyond conventional. There were eyewitness reports that one of the mushroom clouds generated it’s own lightning.


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Was Syria ‘Nuked’? (by Gordon Duff and Press TV)



Was Syria ‘nuked’?

Striking evidence of the use of American EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light. Experts say the proof is irrefutable.



Russia Not to Tolerate Further Israeli Attacks on Damascus: Putin ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria.



Explosions Hit Scientific Research Center in Jamraya Caused by an Israeli Rocket Attack

Iran, Lebanon Condemn Israel’s New Assault on Jamraya Center

Iran Ready to ‘Train’ Syrian Army

“New massive Israeli attack rocks Damascus army research site:”

Video link:

“The US has been a biased broker in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and unless Washington changes its flagrant pro-Israeli stance the consequences could be even more devastating, historian and writer Rashid Khalidi told RT.”

Video link:

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Israeli Air Strikes ‘Open Door to All Possibilities’

Egypt, Arab League Condemn Israeli Attacks in Syria

Iran Condemns Israeli Attack on Syria, Urges Countries in Region to Stand Against the Action


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In a 2012 interview, the former Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Abdulfattah Ammura made it clear that he knows how the game is being played in his country:

Video link:

Also in 2012, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that the violent situation in Syria is being created by foreign financiers and their interference:

Video link:

Aside from the armed conflict which is being backed by Western governments there’s also an information war going on between news outlets according to Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. While the West is pushing for military intervention Syria should maintain the right to solve the conflict on their own terms but that’s something that the U.S. and EU governments don’t want at all.

June 2012:

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