Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan): “More Than 50,000 People in Cebu Philippines Being Forgotten by Organizations”

SOS San Remigio

“I would like to inform you about my Disaster Relief Mission for San Remigio, after typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

People there are in need of help from the outside because they are completely isolated. There’s no water and no power because the electric grid is down.

I live there but I’ve come to the Lets-Share house in Mactan to organize the Relief Mission, since there’s no internet in San Remigio. Also Bogo is down and San Remigio is dependent on Bogo for it’s power.

There’s some help from the government as I noticed that there were two trucks with goods passing by at San Remigio public market but I was told those trucks were for Bantayan Island.

Anyway, help is needed urgently in San Remigio. I’ve been to the most isolated areas and made a photo report about that. That report also includes photos from Bogo.

I’m requesting for help from outside, goods, services and when possible also financial support from people outside San Remigio and outside the Philippines.

I feel that San Remigio, a municipality of more than 50,000 people is being forgotten by many organizations although I saw TV5 passing there in San Remigio but they don’t even have pictures available of the area. So mine are the only ones available I believe.

People have to know that San Remigio needs help urgently because without water things might get out of control. I witnessed some looting on the day of the typhoon, though it has stopped shortly after. I hope that with my attempt for help we don’t have to see those scenes again.

I will stay here in the Lets-Share house in Mactan to further organize the relief mission for San Remigio.


Koen Jacobs

Lets-Share.tv Channel Leader Belgium

SPMUDA Ambassador Belgium