David Dees is Under Threat

November 21, 2013 – Jim Stone

dees threat, dees illustration


Shortly after contacting me, David Dees came under threat from the Jewish elite establishment. The issue is Fukushima and the poisoning of the Pacific ocean. Though David may have his doubts about how contacting me over the Fukushima report and obvious clear observation that there was no quake damage before the tsunami could be causing problems for him (I don’t know if he has doubts or not) I myself am completely certain it was my publishing of his first mail (which he wanted taken down) that caused his current problem.

David has had troubles with the elite Jewish establishment before and this latest round of messing with him can be described as zerzetzen no touch torture, where things are re-arranged, moved, put out of place and in other ways messed with to scare people and make them question their sanity. Those who are well grounded simply see it as being messed with in a spooky and creepy way.

This web site has power and influence more so than many others. And if ANYTHING happens to David, I have an information bomb related to him that I am going to drop and screw the elite establishment worse than they think possible, David may not be a major topic of mine but I have enough to be a lot worse than they would ever believe.

I am certain that two months ago, during the last round of screwing with journalists (that I so widely publicized with a very detailed warning), they eliminated a few journalists who were not good enough at watching their backs. I believe they are now using once legitimate venues owned by legitimate truthers to attack and destroy other truthers. David can be identified via the quality and style of his art. That cannot be faked and if anything goes amiss I will drop what I have on the front page,

And to David, I apologize for publishing your mail without permission but I usually publish everything sent that is decent without asking, anyone who reads this site knows mails get published frequently. I wish you well in this battle.