The True Masters of Corruption

It’s no secret that corruption is all around us but sadly to some extend it’s the people’s own fault. We make it possible for politicians and institutions to be corrupt because we don’t keep them on a short leash. Too many of us just let things be, too occupied with themselves. But when things go wrong they’re the first to scream for HELP of course. In a way it’s pathetic. Still, you can’t blame them for not seeing the whole picture when that ability is out of their reach. This, however, is not what this article is about.

Lets talk and write about real corruption and which nations, governments and institutions are the most corrupt of all. It’s a juicy topic, but to your surprise the facts may be very different than what you had in mind.

Forget about places like Africa and the Philippines. Sure it’s true, there’s corruption there too on many levels and that’s sad enough. But in reality, compared to the government of the EU and the USA, the bankers at Wall Street and Basel, institutions like the IMF and the UN, the level of corruption in Africa and the Philippines is “AMATEUR”. Politicians, bankers and industrialists there still have a lot to learn when they want to be in the same league as their Western colleagues. Many of them don’t even come close!