Top Secret American Intelligence Gathering System Compromised in September 2004

May 11, 2013 – Jim Stone [1, 2]

America had a program called the ultra wide band program which smuggled all of a nation´s data out of the target country stored on giant magnetic tapes disguised as film rolls for movie theaters. In September of 2004 an information transfer regarding this system happened at the Iranian embassy in Ottawa Canada. This breach of intelligence secrecy severely hampered the intelligence effort against Iran and led to the arrest of many people Iran reported as spies, AND THEY REALLY WERE SPIES. The information was delivered to the Iranian embassy in Ottawa Canada K2P 2K2 in September of 2004 and the spring of 2005. If anyone remembers the past media campaigns where foreign nations were ridiculed for not allowing Hollywood movies into their countries, the only reason for this ridicule is because the movies provided the venue by which the magnetic tapes could be smuggled out. These tapes weighed approximately 50 pounds each, and were disguised to look like 2 inch movie film rolls, by packing them with a length of film strip wrapped around the outside of the reel, so it looked just like a movie roll. Total data storage on one of these tapes was equal to many petabytes.

There was an exchange program in place to “keep the movies fresh”, so old film reels were returned to America, along with the disguised rolls, where they were then loaded onto GIANT magnetic tape recorders and played back. The bandwidth was up to 3 mhz per channel, up to 256 channels, which allowed one tape to store every signal of significance originating within a nation for the length of time the tape ran.