The Post-Assange-Snowden Era: The Truth About “Leaking” Not So Classified Information

Now that it’s a fact that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange BOTH LIE about 9/11, it is safe to state that this indicates that the events and facts regarding 9/11 are among the hottest topics in corporate, government and military circles, to be guarded at all costs. If throwing some sensitive information in the ring is therefore needed, so be it. If that keeps the public occupied and away from the truth then that’s exactly what they, the bankster-drug-lord-funded CIA and NSA, will do.

After all, we already knew that governments and corporations spy on the people in any possible way [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] and that corruption reaches the highest levels in society. We don’t need Assange and Snowden to tell us about that. Their leaked data is not so classified as many people would believe.

In fact, the “leaking” of data, as provided by Assange and Snowden, can be seen as a next step of the agenda to introduce more surveillance systems and policies. Just like the 9/11 setup, leaking “secret” data also provides governments and their puppet masters, who have orchestrated both 9/11 and the leaks, with the right climate in society to allow that more “security measures” can be implemented. It is therefore not unthinkable that Snowden and Assange were enabled to leak information. They were allowed to access the data, whether they realize it themselves or not.

When the world can be fooled to believe that 9/11 was not an inside job, then it’s child’s play to make some guys believe that they hit the motherload.

We the truth movement have the obligation to be able to think like those who commit the most heinous crimes against humanity. Reading works like Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars can contribute to understanding how the puppet masters think and operate.

It’s a truth war that is being waged and more people need to be on the same level as the competition, at least, if we want to have a chance at winning that war.

For numerous people it’s already clear what the game is and how it’s being played. Showing that we are aware might be a warning to the corrupt maniacs and scrooges in power to back off and let the world be in peace. Although the final battle is yet to come.