The Nanny State Expands in Belgium, the Heart of the European Federation

Last year, Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission, stated that “time has come for European leaders to show that the euro and the European Union – like diamonds – are forever. The time has come to build a European Federation.”

Most people who read that will get the chills or start to laugh real loud, and they should. It’s creepy and yet very funny at the same time, in a certain way, to read such nonsense and to observe this kind of advertising for the fascist EU agenda. But at the EU they are really serious about their “dream.”

One of their latest moves is to monitor intolerant citizens:

  • A frightening proposal currently being considered by the European Parliament would direct governments to monitor citizens deemed “intolerant” and could even lead to a ban on all criticism of Islam and feminism.
    The European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance (PDF), which was drafted by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), an NGO based in Paris, was presented to the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties committee last month and is thought to be on the verge of implementation.
    According to the Gatestone Institute, the Statute represents an “unparalleled threat to free speech” – Infowars, October 29, 2013

Intolerant people who criticize Islam and feminism? Muslims criticize Islam themselves and even feminist women think that this is going too far.

However, the EU should better not monitor the citizens more than they already do, the screws have been tightened enough already. Instead they’d better monitor themselves and their most important host, Belgium.

While the EU claims that they want to promote tolerance, although the way they suppress the people’s voice in Greece and Italy lets us believe otherwise, Belgium is enforcing the most intolerant and ridiculous laws that one can think of. In stark contrast to what the EU proposes, tolerance, Belgium  wants to sanction and fine its citizens for the most laughable violations.

In Brussels, Children’s and human rights organizations protested last week, November 20, against the renewed municipal administrative sanctions (MAS or GAS law) implemented by the Belgian federal government. The MAS (GAS) law allows municipalities to fine and sanction citizens as they please.

According to Christine Melkebeek, Vice-President of the Flemish Children’s Rights Coalition (Kinderrechtencoalitie Vlaanderen), the MAS law is an invitation for discrimination and it increases the intolerance against children when “a snowball fight and hanging around is no longer allowed.”

It sounds silly but it’s a fact. The MAS (GAS) law is indeed this ridiculous.

Bart Schauwvlieghe (42), from Antwerp, was fined 5o euro for waving at his wife in a too excited manner when they met unexpected on the streets. The couple had breakfast downtown and they ran into each other again after they had left the restaurant and each went their own direction. Because of ongoing construction works, Bart was driving around downtown in his car to find a way out of the city. Suddenly he saw his wife again on the other side of the road so he horned at her and waved while smiling because it was funny that they saw each other since they had just left the restaurant only minutes ago.

All of a sudden a cop showed up and wrote the man a ticket for “using a sound installation and waving.”

Of course it doesn’t end there, there are more examples of how stupid and intolerant the MAS (GAS) law actually is. The following municipal laws are only a collection of the ones that are the most laughable. They prove exactly which intolerant way Europe is going and how the European nanny state is also growing in Belgium:

  • It is prohibited in a public place to let icicles hang on the edges of the roof.
  • It is forbidden to throw (used) confetti that has been picked up from the street, during carnival parades.
  • It is forbidden to repeat a same trail multiple times, for groups of more than 10 cyclists. There must be a 1000 m distance between groups of maximum 10 cyclists.
  • It is forbidden to startle/scare people.
  • It is prohibited to  make any sound or noise on the streets without a valid reason when this can disturb people’s night’s rest. The proof may be provided in any way/by all means.
  • On November 1 and 2, it is forbidden to clean the gravestones.
  • It is forbidden to wear a mask in public, on the way to a dance event. Nor in any other direction. Violations will be sanctioned with a fine of 120 euro.
  • The organizer of a public meeting which is being held behind closed doors must inform the mayor 48 hours in advance.
  • It is forbidden to shake up carpets on the public road.
  • Practicing divination, interpretation of dreams, quackery and related practices are prohibited.
  • The places reserved for specific games or sports, may not be used for other games or sports, nor for other purposes.
  • Keeping the so-called “pit-bull terrier” dog by anybody, in any form, is prohibited on the entire  territory of the city (Oudenburg). When the animal is dangerous it should be killed immediately.
  • It is forbidden to pick/take fruits or other useful products which have not yet fallen on the ground.
  • It is forbidden to smudge public benches. It is forbidden to sit on the back and guardrails of public benches.
  • One must slide off water slides in a smooth way without interruption, in a sitting position.
  • The sand that covers new roads may not be taken away during the first 15 days after construction.
  • It is forbidden to make cement in the cemeteries, unless a bucket is being used.
  • Two deceased persons may be transported in the same hearse only when they are relatives or when they were family on time of death, given that they deceased because of the same event. The caskets must be placed in the hearse in a properly manner.
  • Only biodegradable confetti with a diameter of about 10 mm is allowed.
  • It is prohibited, to covertly or needlessly ring doorbells or to knock on the doors or windows of houses.
  • Making an open fire inside the house is prohibited.
  • Without a prior written permission of the mayor, it is forbidden to use lasers and light beams.
  • It is forbidden to knock on doors or to ring bells of houses in an attempt to get handouts.
  • It is prohibited to use and fly remote-controlled aircraft without the prior written permission of the Mayor.
  • Only Santa Claus, Saint Nicolas and his helper and the Easter bunny may cover their faces in public.
  • People with an infectious disease may only be transported in a special ambulance.
  • It is forbidden to have more than 5 cats or dogs in an apartment.
  • Doors, gates and fences may not open towards the public roads.

The trend of this kind of laws is not new though, in Belgium nor in Europe. People are required to ask permission for about everything they want to do. From starting a business to driving a car.

Want to renovate or paint your house? You need a permit. Want to protest against the government or one of their laws? You need a permit. One of the few things you don’t need a permit for is for paying taxes.

It’s time to change this trend by making governments understand that THEY need the permission of the people so that they can only do what is expected from them.