Accepting Lies as Your True Reality

From: e-War Alpha | To: The resistance / The general public | December 4, 2013

Imagine there’s this person who you don’t personally know, he has this cheap looking website and he writes news articles. But the thing is, he’s constantly fabricating stories and making up false statements. He makes wild predictions and none of them ever come true. Of course he never blames himself for it, no, he always finds an excuse to put the blame on something or someone else.

After spending some time on his website you’re realizing that this place is not for you. You’re used to having better content in front of you and so you move on and let him be, not really paying any more attention to him, his crazy talking points or his sleazy website.

Time goes by and a few months later you come across this fool’s website again, completely unexpected. You have a look around, not because you’re really interested, just for the fun of it. His website is still cheap looking but to you’re surprise his readers base has exploded exponentially. You can see this from the amount of reader comments under his articles and on his forum on his website. 90% of the people who are commenting have really become obsessed fans. He’s obviously their hero. You shake your head and say to yourself “What A Bunch Of Losers.” You keep talking to yourself for a moment longer: “Come On, Guys How Can You Not See That He is Full of B.S.?! This guy’s a chump!”

Instead of forgetting about the whole thing, you suddenly find yourself writing comments on his websites, sending private messages and e-mails to readers on the forum, in an effort to make them see the light. You try really hard to convince them that he’s a fraud, a schmuck.

But no matter what you do, how many nights you stay up late. It doesn’t make any difference. You haven’t turned anyone’s mind around. And until this very day you still try without any success.


Now, picture this same situation but lets replace the cheap website and forum with a media empire. Three local and two international TV channels, seven local and three international newspapers and a dozen radio stations of which a couple are broadcasting online as well. All run by a handful of egocentric maniacs and war mongers. The same kind of schmucks as the lone nutcase, but much richer.

How many readers and viewers would they have, a million, 100 million, even more? And how many additional people would join that herd, not because the quality of the programming is so special, just because the crowd is already so big. It’s just too cozy to miss out on the masses.

OK, now try to imagine you have to convince all these people that they are being lied to, almost every day. In the TV news and newspapers. That their minds are constantly being prepared for wars and needless consumption. That the things they experience as reality in fact are fabricated plots by the ones they put their faith in every day while clinging to the TV screen and absorbing the shallow news articles in the newspapers, without any slightest mental exercise.

Or even worse yet. Imagine you were one of those you had to convince!


So why would you not believe the lone nutcase and his cheap website? But you’d have no problem with believing the same kind of lies, when they’re nicely packaged during prime time news casts and hosted by that blonde who you really dig, coming from those egocentric maniacs and war mongers with their media empire.

Why would guys like Assange and Snowden be allowed by their puppet masters to tell some juicy stories in the mainstream media while men who really have things to share, like Jim stone, are being silenced in every possible way? Because they are Muppets! People like Joe Vialls and Bill Cooper have already been silenced for ever. Even Diana was taken out. Yes, “The Unlawful Killing of Diana,” the documentary, is one of the most censored videos ever. This can be proven by the small amount of search results, as if the internet has been cleaned by those who control the HOLONET.

Why would you believe that spying on the public is such a big ol’ secret while countless Hollywood movies explain it in detail how it’s done and while the “whistleblowers” who claim to have busted a case are lying themselves? BIG TIME!

Why is the NUCLEAR ATTACK and the TSUNAMI BOMB on FUKUSHIMA not all over the mainstream news? You would expect this to be THE topic for many years to come, just like the TRUTH about 9/11 would be.