EU Chairmanship: Europhile Guy Verhofstadt Has His Eye on the Prize

Guy Verhofstadt

Leaders of the liberal parties in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg have agreed on Wednesday that former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt should become the new chairman  of the European Commission, after the EU elections in May 2014.

According to europhile Verhofstadt the liberals are the only alternative for EU-sceptics(he’s probably a big fan of the EU’s plan to send out an election troll patrol for press monitoring and trawling Eurosceptic debates). He believes that  the liberals and a bigger and stronger EU are part of the answers to global problems related to trade, climate change and a world currency. Earlier, Verhofstadt was called a greater danger than the EU-sceptics by Mark Verheijen, a Dutch VVD party member, and a “creepy” EU-nationalist by Bart De Wever, President of the Flemish N-VA party.

Indeed, Verhofstadt and many others are a danger to society with their sales pitches on climate change (when you’d ask him he’d tell you that it’s man made of course). Taking this kind of position gives the impression that they are capable of halting the NATURAL climate change. They believe they are entitled to change the climate and they literally see themselves as some kinds of Titans. One of the oldest solutions they put forward is the reduction of CO2 emissions, while any sane person knows that carbon dioxide is an essential element for life on Earth. It’s part of the carbon cycle, that’s one of the things that children learn in elementary school.

On the other hand, it might just be that Verhofstadt is a big fan of the carbon trade scheme, if so then it should not be any problem for him, as the EU chairman, to see to it that the EU derives (in an honest way) even more wealth from the citizens to the Green Climate Fund. The same Green Climate Fund that is pushing for diplomatic immunity so they can not be touched in court of law in any way. This raises the questions, what they are hiding and what they need protection for. After all, its members are such respected organizations and persons in society. Aren’t they?

Of course, Verhofstadt and the other climate preachers have yet to officially explain how they will stop the sun from shining because the sun is the major reason why we have a climate on Earth in which life can thrive. This is also stuff kids learn in elementary, for now.

However, there are clear signs that the liberals, that means including Verhofstadt, already know how they want to stop the sunlight from reaching Earth and terrestrial life. On April 8 and 9, 2013, there was a conference about that. An EU Conference on Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering:

  • The conference was held under the aegis of the parliamentary group “The Greens/European Free Alliance”, which is an alliance of European Green Parties and Liberal Parties. The conference reassessed a 1999 resolution and lack from both the sides of legislators and military to safeguard transparency and democratic control over classified programs, which affect entire populations without consent, democratic influence, or access to verifiable information and data. The conference began on 8 April, with an official screening of the documentary “Why in the World are they Spraying?” of the US-American filmmaker Michael Murphy. … Some of the speakers at the conference indicated, that they will attempt to draw the attention of the European public opinion to what they perceive as violation of European principles, as an attack on the environment and health of citizens, and as silence of complicity by concealment of extremely serious wrongdoing, involving legal and penal responsibility.”NSNBC International, April 13, 2013

Aside from his climate change fear mongering we look forward on how Verhofstadt and his liberals, or any other party for that matter, will try to continue the path to a one world currency.

Like the current Prime Minister of Belgium, Elio Di Rupo, Verhofstadt too is a free mason, so his love and dream for a one world currency might have originated in those circles. Of course, this is not illegal and it will most certainly help him spread his message far and wide on the international political scene.

A one world currency is not a negative idea by definition, but who will be in control of this currency? The same financial institutions and politicians who have caused the financial crisis ON PURPOSE [1, 2]? Lets hope not, for this one world currency will be known as one of the biggest mistakes ever on Earth. Lets hope the one world currency of Verhofstadt will not redistribute wealth in the same way as it is happening now by dismantling the middle classes. Or even worse yet, that this one world currency requires the reduction of the world population. Of course, documents about this would be kept secret, just like the UN’s Rio Earth Summit negotiating text.

This brings us to Verhofstadt’s other talking point, trade.

As a hardcore liberal, Verhofstadt will probably like secret agreements such as the US’ Trans-Pacific Partnership that provide corporations with more power and less fiscal pressure. After all, Verhofstadt is already known to promote policies that bring along less nationalism for EU member states and their citizens while defending more corporatism, leading to situations in Belgium where “nurses pay higher taxes than multinationals” [1, 2].

But how two-faced is this man actually?

On the one hand he puts everything into work to achieve less sovereignty for countries in the world and certainly in the EU-zone. But on the other hand he has no problem with asking money from a sovereign state, in this case Belgium, to pimp his private home in Ghent. Last year, a combined subsidy of 327,784 euro, that’s 40% of the total cost, was approved for the renovation of his house. According to the local government of the City of Ghent, Verhofstadt’s house is a monument and therefore the renovation will benefit everyone.

This leaves us with one more question, for now.

What will Guy Verhofstadt do about the corruption within the EU-ranks?

In 2008, it came out that many EU members of parliament receive daily allowances of 300 euro per day for just showing up at the office without actually doing anything at all. Later this was also documented in front of the camera in Strasbourg when a reporter, Tom Staal, took on some of the corrupt MPs. Instead of explaining their actions and the policies they seem to follow, the MPs get violent when the reporter faces them with hard questions about the corruption [1, 2]. A true example of democracy in the European Union.

In addition, EU members of parliament seem to have disgusting luxurious lifestyles while “on duty,” riding around  in expensive cars (even to private parties) and enjoying high-class meals amongst many other things, all payed for by the citizens of course. But it’s not allowed to document it. No, as a citizen you can not expose the fraud, you can only accept it and back off. Now that’s what you can call liberal, isn’t it?

Corruption and lust for power in the EU?

How about the LOOTING of Cyprus through the financial system, the urge for full control together with the EU’s partner in crime Goldman Sachs [1, 2], the dictatorial implementation of the euro, the EU’s oil deals with Al Qaeda, the monitoring of “intolerant citizens,” the EU’s (and their main host’s) involvement in the funding of illegal Israeli colonies in Palestine [1, 2] and the push for an (internet) police state following a Bilderberg template?

Guess what, it’s more than likely that Verhofstadt will have no problem at all with ruling over his United States of Europe all by himself. He must adore Helmut Kohl for “acting like a dictator to bring in the euro” in Germany.