Al Gore’s Windbags Defend Their Corrupt Master

Yesterday, December 10, Truth News International published an article in response to the new man made global warming fear mongering campaign which describes perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA) as a new threat. Much worse than CO2.

In that article we describe how perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA) is being used in NASA fuel cells that power Al Gore’s HQ in London. This came to the attention of Gore’s windbags and they don’t seem to  like THE TRUTH at all. Just like they don’t like the facts about their stupid CO2 scam.

Like real rats, they now inform Al Gore about what we are writing about him and them, and they suggest that Gore “sorts us out.” But like real losers, they aren’t capable of countering the presented FACTS. Both about their SCAMS and their corrupt master.

Our article was picked up on Twitter by one of Al Gore’s windbags and there’s where they started to corner us, or at least tried to but are FAILING BIG TIME.

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Meet the windbags and their master con artist:

As we write this, we are stepping up our efforts of exposing the whole con artist show.

So you want to sort us out? Great, give it your best shot. We’re expecting you.