Fukushima: When 1+1 Does Not Add Up

December 10, 2013 – Jim Stone

UPDATE: ENENEWS ended up being two and a half years behind with their “fuel cladding black dust” report which was released as a “me too” report four hours after this one I posted earlier today. U.S. nuclear officials said this two years ago and I said it two and a half years ago. This news is “not just in” as ENE claims.

DEAR ENE: WHEN YOU FINALLY POST THIS PICTURE I will stop calling you liars.

There is an aspect of the Fukushima disaster that I never went into simply because I have so little respect for propaganda outlets such as CNN that I don’t really even address their errors – I tend to stick to criticism of those who might be salvageable. HOWEVER, since CNN, Fox and other complete liars are still regarded as credible by many, I am going to make an obvious point about Fukushima that may wake up a few rem sleepers.

The one point that can be easily made about Fukushima is the fact that there are exclusion zones that remain permanent. This is because there is residual radioactive debris which makes them uninhabitable. It is one thing to survive driving through the intense radiation zones quickly to go to work in a sanitized sheltered environment for month long shifts (because you can’t take repeat dosages from driving in and out of there or working outside there, which was made clear in the pre censorship reports about the Fukushima 50.)


The MSM lie is that there is still full containment and that all that happened was a couple hydrogen blasts and a little steam, which blew away with the wind

But this is easily verifiably false and can easily wake a sleeper through easily verified statements available all over the web. And there is absolute proof that that there is absolutely ZERO containment remaining out at all 4 of the destroyed reactors, one of which had no core and was completely mothballed when it “exploded”.

The proof is the exclusion zones, which could only be needed if hard material was expelled, hard material that could only come from the guts of a reactor in the form of dust, hard material that won’t blow away with the wind like steam will, hard material that has stayed around and is now on the ground and on the rooftops, collecting in ditches and rain gutters JUST LIKE CHERNOBYL.

If the reactors had only released a little steam as reported by CNN and Fox and all the other total liars, any evacuations would have been completely temporary with people being allowed to return in a few days to ALL AREAS, even those immediatly outside the facility. The fact that there are approximately 5,000 square kilometers that are no longer inhabitable AT ALL in the areas surrounding the facility (according to Chernobyl evacuation thresholds) with only 300 actually evacuated (because the Japanese have nowhere to go so they are sitting in radioactive slop) proves all by itself that Fukushima was a disaster of epic proportions that the MSM will not touch.

An explanation of the map to the left: (click to enlarge) This is represented in usv/h. To get MSV/year, multiply by 8,740. Any zone denoted by 0.3 or higher (even in the purple areas) would hit the Chernobyl permanent evacuation threshold. This map represents over 300 KM distance from left to right.

Obviously Japan did not evacuate the entire area shown (they could not, because they don’t have the land to spare.) Even the lightest purple areas with the lowest numbers have at least a thousand becqurels per square meter per hour, but would be considered inhabitable by Russia.

The MSM coverups are so blatant that this alone can wake up a deep sleeper. If you try to use this approach, please try to keep your deep sleeper away from the opposite liars who are telling obvious lies such as the world is destroyed and the Pacific is dead, because even the thinnest B.S. filter will see that for what it is and could cause your sleeper to go right back to bed. Getting waking sleepers to laugh and hit snooze is the job of ENE news, Rense and other opposite liars. This is Japan’s disaster, the world will live.

To wake your sleeper, show them the Chernobyl exclusion zones, with a map that shows MSV/year, and then show them the Fukushima excusion zones, with a map that shows MSV/year. You will see that with the Fukushima disaster, the declared habitable zones have radiation levels that are up to 30X the level of the exclusion zones around Chernobyl, with virtually ALL of Northern Japan having radiation levels that at least reach the level declared by Russia to be uninhabitable after the Chernobyl disaster.

With the Japanese stuck on an island what else could they do, other than stay and eat reactor guts? If this is the first time you have hit this web site, there is ONE nation to blame for the Fukushima disaster, and it is not Japan, and it is all documented. For the WHOLE truth that is difficult to find anywhere else including the answer to the big question – WHO DID IT AND WHY THIS IS ALL BEING SWEPT UNDER THE RUG BY THE MSM, I suggest you read the Fukushima report.