Antidepressant Withdrawal Advice

December 12, 2013 – Jim Stone

I have received many e-mails from people asking me how to alleviate their symptoms after discontinuing antidepressants, so many in fact that I am going to release this information to the general public

WARNING! – DO NOT use this information to “feel better” while still taking antidepressants. If you do, of course it will make you feel better but it will at least triple the long term damage.

This information was gathered during my major antidepressant study in 2009, and it is completely medically accurate. Using this information to alleviate side effects while taking antidepressants will only give your brain what it needs to satisfy the demands placed on it by the drugs, demands which if satisfied to the full extent will allow the drugs to destroy you to the full extent. “feeling better” while on antidepressants is NOT A GOOD THING AT ALL because it only means your brain was given what it needs to destroy itself more but feeling better after discontinuing antidepressants is needed by many many people.



Antidepressants severely deplete Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium. With regard to these essential elements, ALL antidpressants do the same thing. This is why antidepressants cause bone weakening and osteoporosis, and why many women shrink in height and develop bone problems while taking them.


Your brain needs calcium to function, and because antidepressants (and methamphetamine) put your brain into overdrive, your brain will require far more calcium than you can possibly eat while taking them.

And where does the brain get the calcium from when it can’t get enough from what you eat? YOUR BONES. When on antidepressants, your brain will take the calcium it needs from your bones. This calcium builds up and makes hard deposits in the brain, usually in the frontal lobes. But the brain can only take so much without causing physical failures, and when your bones can give no more, you will not feel as good as before because your brain will no longer get what it thinks it needs. You will slow down.

Another key element that gets depleted by antidepressants, and perhaps the most important is Sodium. Contrary to popular “wisdom”, salt is arguably the most important nutrient you could possibly eat. It is NOT a health hazard. Lack of salt makes people lethargic and passive. It makes them tired and physically weak. Lack of salt destroys muscle tone and causes headaches, and can also cause many other health problems including depression. This is exactly why in a world of conspiracy where practically all the advice in the MSM is bad, salt is the universal villain.

The phrase which defines people who have “lost their salt” as being passive nobodies is rooted in the fact that without enough salt in your diet you lose your pep. Salt is the most important electrolyte for satisfying the electrical transmission needs of neurons, and without it you will not function correctly. Salt does not cause high blood pressure. All studies have proven that in cases where people have high blood pressure, discontinuing salt intake will reduce blood pressure for only a short period of time, after which the blood pressure returns to it’s previous high level while the person becomes less energetic due to a lack of salt. With regard to blood pressure, discontinuation of salt is a temporary fix that should be avoided.

Antidepressants also severely deplete Potassium. And you can die without enough Potassium. Like Sodium, Potassium is a key electrolyte your nervous system needs to function.


Those are the three cornerstone biggies with regard to antidepressants. Now that they are out of the way, I will summarize and continue

To help you feel better after stopping antidepressants, EAT LOTS OF SALT, CALCIUM AND POTASSIUM. And I mean a LOT of salt (8 grams a day) and a LOT of potassium (a similar amount daily) and a LOT of calcium (4 grams a day) until you feel better. This will vary from person to person. While doing so, you need to MASSIVELY increase your intake of water. LET ME REPEAT THAT – UPPING YOUR SALT THAT MUCH WITHOUT DRINKING ADEQUATE WATER WILL MESS YOU UP GOOD. To regulate how much water you need, check your urine and make sure it stays light yellow or clear. There is no better way to make sure your water is adequate than that simple check.

Now onto the other things –

Even though these are less important than Sodium, Potassium and Calcium, messing up even one of these can really set you back, though because these are less important not getting these right will not definitely cause problems, they are only likely to –

Avoid fluoride like the plague. Don’t use fluoride toothpaste, go to Wal Mart and get Tom’s (kosher) toothpaste without fluoride. Most mouthwashes now have fluoride – avoid those as well. There is an entire class of antidepressants that have fluoride as the root ingredient. Fluoride is a mind control trap that does NOTHING for your teeth. The dentists are parrots squaking what they “learned” in a rigged “school”. Don’t drink tap water, drink Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead, or another genuine spring water brand. Not all bottled waters are spring water, make sure you check the source. Many will say it like it is – they just bottle city water, which virtually always has been spiked with fluoride. Crystal Geyser and Arrowhead both seek out springs in various parts of the country and are guranteed (by me) to be of top quality and fluoride free.

Avoid ALL ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS AND JUST USE SUGAR. Sugar has been vilified by the conspirators for ONE REASON – to cause hapless fools to use aspartame and other fake sweeteners which are usually mild forms of antidepressants that are addictive all by themselves. And beware of “natural” alternatives to sugar such as Stevia, because even though they are natural they often still have similar side effects.

Get lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C is not just for strong gums and healthy teeth, your entire body (especially your brain) needs it and having a lack of it only shows in your gums FIRST, when really the need is throughout your body. Make sure your vitamin C is sour and nasty and not sweet, because if it is sweet it has been spiked with a fake sweetener.

Avoid chewing gum, it’s all poison and has the phenylketoneurics warning for a reason – it’s now all rigged and just a medication that will make susceptible people trip out. Phenylketoneurics don’t have to worry about natural foods or meat and potatoes, which means that they have NO HEALTH PROBLEMS AT ALL, only a label applied to them by the so-called “medical” community because they will flip out when they are fed synthetic poisonous bullshit that acts as a mild and addictive antidepressant that most people can handle without serious consequence. The fact that some people can’t take it DOES NOT mean they have health issues when they can eat all natural foods no problem. The chemists are the problem. Gum NEVER used to have that garbage, now when I chew that type of gum I get dizzy. It is specifically designed to affect the brain. To hell with that.

Avoid McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, and all other fast foods EXCEPT: Carl’s Junior, Burger King, Little Ceasars, Del Taco, and In-n-Out. I actually tested this. I was the guinea pig, believe me, fast foods will SCREW YOU GOOD if you eat at the wrong place. And it does it in secret – I can eat at McDonalds and feel fine the entire day afterwards. It’s the next three days that are HELL. I will get such bad headaches THE DAY AFTER McDonalds and Jack in the box and Wendy’s, headaches that last for NO LESS than three entire days, that whatever they put in their foods has got to be intentionally bad. There is not a single thing on the McDonald’s menu that won’t totally screw me up, but as if to keep it all a secret, it only happens the day after.

In America, avoid ALL SODA POP POINT BLANK. And it’s not the corn syrup either. In Mexico, only Pepsico products give me that “McDonald’s headache”, the rest are all clean. I think I have the answer to what is going on with that horrible food and the pop in America, but that’s a later report. Just avoid it.


Enough of the explanations, here is the condensed version of what to do after discontinuing antidepressants

1. Eat COPIUOUS amounts of salt, potassium and calcium. Make sure the salt is iodized as well.
3. Avoid ALL FLUORIDE, no matter what the source
4. Get lots of vitamin C.
5. Avoid ALL FAST FOOD, but if you HAVE TO eat it, REALLY avoid McDonalds, Wendy’s and Jack in the box.
6. Drink LOTS of water, until your urine stays almost clear of color and you do not need to pee a lot.
7. Not mentioned above – You need lots of Omega 3 oils. This means you need Eggs with butter, almonds, walnuts, fish, lots of other meats (chicken is the best for recovery).
8. And finally, not mentioned above – despite my saying to use sugar for sweetening instead of anything artifical, you can’t just eat a whole pile of donuts, follow up with bread (which breaks down to sugar) and have a salad and be healthy without meat. You have canine teeth, all people do and it means ONE THING – WE NEED MEAT. Despite being able to make it for a while on other foods without meat, we still need it. The best diet for getting over antidepressant damage will include meat (lots of chicken) but don’t forget red meat, it will also include nuts such as walnuts and almonds, and LOTS of vegetables such as broccoli and carrots, (the standard american good stuff). Of course fruits such as apples and bananas. The key thing to remember outside of the really big things is to avoid processed foods and anything artificial. Salt it nicely (it tastes great that way), enjoy!