Daily News Dealer: “Get Involved in the World, It’s Funky”

Daily News Dealer

Today, December 12, 2013, our new website was launched, Daily News Dealer. The mission: Make news funky again!

Our planet Earth is a great place to live in, wonderful cultures and places exist here in harmony. The abundance of human intelligence, magnificent wildlife and breathtaking landscapes are the very reasons why we call it our home. Celebrating these qualities every day is certainly the right thing to do.

Still, too many people can’t enjoy all the greatness due to boundaries or they get caught up in their daily routines and call  their life  a struggle or a drag. That’s a shame because many good things are awaiting everyone.

Many of us don’t know what the world really has to offer and how things work, sometimes out of lack of interest and sometimes because of the fact that they were never told about it. That, however, will change right here and starting today.

You see, once you  know what is happening around you, why and how, you’ll soon realize that  everyone can influence the world. And we all should! It are the small things that often become ‘big deals.’

So what does this actually mean?

Well that’s simple.

Get involved in the world. Find out what you’re missing and how you can make a difference for yourself and others around you. It’s funky to know stuff that at first sight might seem boring or irrelevant in your personal life. Once we all understand this basic principle, the bad things in the world will find it much harder to exist. The good that is inside all of us should set the standard for our future plans, here on Earth and beyond.

Sure we know what many will say… “What about the misery, wars and corruption?”

Well, these are problems that we can only face and solve when we’re all truly informed.

Still sounds boring? Than you probably have some self-reflection to do.