Tim Horton’s Censoring Truth Sites from Their WIFI

December 12, 2013 – Jim Stone

First, a little background. Tim Horton was a legendary Hockey player in Canada. He started the Tim Horton’s coffee franchise in Canada. Tim Hortons is Canada’s Starbucks, and is superior to Starbucks in almost every way. It’s the GO TO place in Canada, everyone from construction workers to lawyers frequents Tim Hortons, they are by far the largest food type franchise in Canada so this is a VERY BIG DEAL

A VERY concerned Canadian sent the following:

I went to Tim Hortons yesterday to get a coffee and browse the news (mainstream and alternate) as I and millions of Canadians do daily on their free (not so free) wifi. I browse several alternate sites depending on the current issues. The first one I went to was AMTV news, a big ERROR sign came on, which has never happened before. I then tried about 6 more sites, same thing, I could not believe it, so I went to Macdonalds and every site came up clear. Then I went to a different Tim Hortons, tried 2 sites – Just Wondering by Zen Garden and David Duke. These were also access denied. A few other truth sites came up but were so slow and screwed up, Eric Dollards read as an error, this time amtv did come up although I did not attempt to watch the videos because they would not come up in any reasonable time.

I then googled tim hortons wifi censorship and discovered a July 19 Canadian Press Release; Tim Hortons apologises after blocking access to Dailyxtra.com and only stopped after being threatened to be boycotted by twitter. I also just saw this u tube video below of another site that was blocked.

I hear all kinds of strange things in Canada are going on the internet. I feel certain parties my be experimenting with internet censorship, searches, emails thwarted etc etc using Canada now as a practice playground to see how far things can be pushed. This is criminal and treasonous, an attempt at complete big brother control freakery and must be stopped. All alternative and social news media together must fight this. It is the foot in the door to tyranny. No different than gun confiscation starting in New York!

Boycott Tim Hortons, their coffee and shut down any business that censors free news. This email may likely be thwarted but I will follow up with phone calls.

Please note; most sites do not have their email address and phone # posted. This makes it hard to get tips through or to even know and verify that news tips or important information makes it through. Every site should list a # and email address for information to combat what is actually happening to internet censorship everyday! Lets get with it!

Here is the video I mentioned above Free Speech Denied my website blocked at Tim Hortons.