“Brushing Adventure”: New Fluoride Toothpaste Ad Campaign Targets Children, Again

It’s an old debate, whether (sodium) fluoride is good or bad for our health, and specifically for our teeth. But that debate should in fact already been closed a long time ago since there have been numerous studies already which prove the dangers of fluoride, in water and toothpaste for example.

Yet, it doesn’t seem to matter to the corporations and governments who produce fluoride toothpastes and fluoridated water. After all, it’s big business! Producing, distributing and selling products that contain fluoride have an effect on the sales (increase) of other products and services which on their turn deal with the negative effects caused by fluoride. It’s a full-circle marketing strategy by the corporations, endorsed by many corrupt politicians around the world.

Companies even hide it on their packages when toothpaste is fluoride free, just to make sure that you use fluoride. The more people they can fool, the better the cheating corporate thugs feel.

One of the latest campaigns of this marketing strategy is, again, aimed specifically at children: Pepsodent’s “Brushing Adventure.”

The campaign includes banner advertising on major websites like Youtube. It clearly invites children to buy and use Pepsodent’s fluoridated toothpaste. The younger your audience is, the longer you can influence them and benefit from their attention on your brand and products.

Here’s one of those Pepsodent banners copied from Youtube on December 17, 2013:

pepsodent, fluoride, toothpaste, children
“Get your kids to brush day and night,” really disgusting!

The message is clear, parents should let their children take fluoride as much as possible, of course it’s not said in those words and there’s no reference here, yet, that it is in fact an ad for fluoride toothpaste. But that’s only one click away.

The banner advertisement is linked to a Pepsodent Facebook fanpage:

pepsodent, fluoride, toothpaste, children, brushing adventure

On this fanpage you are prompted to “like” the page before you can continue, which we didn’t do of course. But we don’t have to in order to know that it’s about FLUORIDE toothpaste being advertised to a kids audience. The tube of toothpaste is visible on the splashpage, at the bottom of the ad.

It’s obviously about this kind of toothpaste with a PRO-FLUORIDE COMPLEX formula:

pepsodent, fluoride, toothpaste, children

So, if we, who are not medical experts, can find out that fluoride is dangerous because, for example, it lowers the IQ and it is being used as a component to make nerve gas [1, 2], like the chemical weapons [1, 2, 3] provided by the Western governments to bankster-funded fake rebels who are in fact mercenaries for the UN, the UK, the US and the EU, then it must be child’s play for big corporations and governments to come up with even more damaging facts about fluoride then our modest findings.

Once again, it’s obvious and proven that your and our good health is not what multinationals like Unilever are concerned about. This kind of deception would be venerated by Orwell, indeed the corporations have learned a lot from him.