New Controversial Annual Celebration Marks the Beginning of Respectable Era, Politicians Around the World Are “Shocked and Worried!”

CBA News International – December 20, 2013

What began as a one-man initiative in 2012, after years of fear mongering by the international media with claims that the world would end on December 21 of 2012, looks like to be evolving into a real turning point in the modern age, leaving politicians and governments worried and in a state of shock.

The call for a new annual celebration, Worldwide Truth Day on December 21 of each year, causes a lot of commotion in all political and even corporate circles. National and international politicians, executives of multinationals and financial institutions all admit to be sharing a common concern about this new annual celebration.

A growing number of citizens from around the world, already tens of thousands in more than 30 countries, is joining the call for disclosing hard hitting facts about a staggering amount of cases in which world leaders, politicians and company executives are mentioned as alleged conspirators. The cases, ranging from corruption and fraud to murder and psychological warfare, describe how the alleged conspirators are responsible for the deliberate creation of the financial crisis in 2007, the use of medical systems to reduce the world population following a plan which carries the same name as the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the creation of a perpetual but
illegitimate and fabled war on terror after the alleged self-perpetrated attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11 in 2001 (9/11), among other serious offenses against humanity.

Following the discovery of the call for a Worldwide Truth Day, CBA News International contacted the initiator to request an exclusive interview one day before the second edition of the new annual global celebration. The Belgian initiator, Mr. Jacobs K., granted CBA the interview on the morning of December 20, on one condition. He wants CBA to bring the uncensored version of the interview without pulling any statements out of their context.

An excerpt of the interview, conducted by CBA’s Sandy Tellbourn, is published below.

* * *

CBA: Welcome Mr. Jacobs, thank you for taking some time to meet me and for coming to our headquarters here in New York.

Mr. Jacobs: My pleasure Miss Tellbourn, I’ve been wondering for two years now which news outlet would pick up this rather remarkable event, if i may say so myself.

CBA: Sure thing. So, what made you come up with this idea for a new annual celebration, and on a global scale? I bet it must be a huge challenge to spread your message. What’s the history behind it?

Mr Jacobs: It sure is Miss Tellbourn, actually I figured it would be a lot easier. Turns out it’s pretty hard to reach even a modest number of people to support the cause. Most people seem to be reluctant, I think they’re afraid to join such a huge and wide open initiative, since it’s about exposing many many politicians, world leaders and heads of major companies. To understand how I came to the decision of making the move, to launch my idea on the internet, we actually have to go back in time a few years. Back in 2009, I had my own official charity organization in Belgium, it was called Start2Care. I founded the organization after Michael Jackson had died, may he rest in peace. I came across this website called Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, a website dedicated to honoring MJ and uniting MJ’s fans through the creation of a portrait. In this real life portrait, everyone who joined the website now represents one dot. As I got active on the site, I started to become very interested in charity and helping others in need. This was because the MJTP website was really focusing on this issue, since Michael did so many great things for many people around the world. The MJTP website’s mission is to make the world aware of all the good things that MJ did, they want to carry on his legacy. That’s actually their main motto. I picked up that message and you know, one thing leads to another. So one day, two years later, in 2011, I found myself as the founder of my charity organization, Start2Care. I was really enthusiastic about it, I believed I was about to change the world. Time goes by and to my surprise it was really difficult to collect funds for my activities, even it were all honest ideas with only good intentions. People rather donated to the big and famous names such as WWF and Greenpeace. I was frustrated about this because I know for example that one of the highest persons in the WWF, Prince Philip, looks down on humanity, he believes that humanity is a plague on Earth. And Greenpeace, well, they refuse to address chemtrails when asked. I was also frustrated about the fact that the Belgian government was claiming income taxes from my nonprofit organization. We only received two donations in the one year that Start2Care lasted, one of 10 euro and one time 5 euro. We sold about 10 T-shirts, each at 15 euro. However, the government said we were making money so we had to pay taxes, 300 euro every quarter. On top of this we were forced to hire a really good accountant, this cost me 3,000 euro per year. This doesn’t sound much but if you have almost nothing, it’s a big amount to pay. As you can imagine, we were unable to continue the organization and eventually I told the accountant to stop all activity and dissolve the charity organization. Now, I must add, I assume that the pressure of the government may have to do with something else. However, I cannot prove this and for now it’s only a guess. I mean, why would a government not want anyone to be active with his or her own charity organization? It’s not like you’re breaking any laws or so. But, during the final days of Start2Care, we were campaigning against legal pedophilia, yes you heard that right, legal pedophilia. The petition is still online, I’ll give you the links to the account and the petition. You’ll see it’s no joke at all. The case was about a Dutch organization, Martijn, who advocated the acceptance of having intimate relations with minors. The head of that pedophile organization, Marthijn Uittenbogaard, was even on national TV in the Netherlands advertising his beliefs. It was really disgusting to witness him doing that. On TV! Comon’ man what kind of world is this? So we set out and started spreading flyers, leaflets, in Ghent, about  the case and requesting people to sign the petition. The Dutch courts claimed that they couldn’t shut down the Martijn organization, due to freedom of expression. I believe in that right, but this is illegal and criminal behavior we’re talking about. Someone had to sue this scum and bring down this monster. We were not the one to sue them, we hardly had funds for our own organization. A lawsuit followed and the court ordered the organization’s dissolvement. But that was not the end, turns out that a new court case was organized and in April of this year, 2013, the Dutch court ruled that the Martijn organization can exist and continue their practices, claiming that “although the work of the organization is contradictory to public order, there is no evidence leading to a threat of disrupting the society.” Can you believe that? This makes my stomach turn, it makes me sick to witness this again. The fact that even a judge has no problem with this kind of behavior makes it very clear what kind of society mankind has allowed to be created. Damn perverts! I’m sure that the judge, in some way, was pressured by politicians who felt that their dark secrets were about to be exposed to the world if they let the Martijn case unfold without interference. Even in Belgium, certain politicians are guilty of pedophilia but the coverup is all around and very real. No one, of the politicians, except for one French speaking guy from Wallonia, even dares to address the issue. So with Start2Care, we were campaigning at the  university of Ghent and on the streets, to make people aware of the Martijn case and to point out how dangerous it is. Even more so because in Belgium we already had a much worse case with Marc Dutroux. That guy kidnapped children and murdered them after politicians had finished doing their thing with these children. The children were ordered, like you order a pizza, by those politicians. On the Dutch TV they even broadcasted a documentary about that. Dossier X, where Regina Louf, one of the witnesses and victims of the whole pedophile network, talked openly about the events. If I recall correctly, it covered multiple decades 70s, 80s, 90s. I’m sure the network still exists and that the same practices still continue. I know of a Belgian pharmacist, Fernand Haesbrouck, who is currently exposing corruption by the Belgian government and the big pharma industry, and he has information on a case about the Belgian Prime Minister, Elio Di Rupo. According to Fernand Haesbrouck, political parties in Belgium are aware of the Di Rupo case but cover up the whole thing. Whether the case is related to the Dutroux case, I can’t say. it would be irresponsible to do so since we can’t prove it, yet.

CBA: Goodness, that’s a whole lot of information you just give me here. It sounds awful. But yes, I know of certain things you just mentioned.

Mr Jacobs: Goodness is right Miss Tellbourn. But there’s more, on another topic. There’s another reason why I assume that the Belgian government has put pressure on my organization, knowing that I had very little financial power. I discovered that the Flemish government is running an unlawful additional healthcare scheme. It’s about the Vlaamse Zorgkas. It’s a construction to collect additional taxes, disguised as a membership fee to a nonprofit organization going by the same name VZW Vlaamse Zorgkas. I discovered that they, the Flemish government, are telling the citizens of Flanders that they have to pay this membership fee, by law, to the nonprofit organization. I did research on it and it turns out that the Flemish government bases their claims on a local Flemish decree, which is subordinate to the Belgian constitution on freedom of association. I can prove the whole thing and I can prove they tried to bribe me, to keep the genie in the bottle. They failed, I exposed their whole scam, yet, how unbelievable it may sound, almost no one in Flanders, the citizens I mean, seem to  care the slightest bit. It seems they are fine with the legalized corruption and so about 4 million Flemish citizens keep on paying the illegal tax, unaware of the truth or unwilling to face it. You can find the whole case on line, it’s written in Dutch, just search for Dossier VZK, you’ll find it on the first page of the search results.

CBA: Well, I’m impressed Mr. Jacobs. It’s quite the story you have to tell.

Mr Jacobs: Yes, I know but compared to what the Worldwide Truth Day initiative is set to spread and expose, the information I just gave you is only for starters. A snack if you will. The main course is hundred times more juicy, yet very bitter, I can assure you. And the politicians in this world are about to crawl under the nearest rock they can find, like cockroaches do when you shine a light on them or when you hunt them down with your slipper.

CBA: I did read all the posts you have there on the blog for your initiative. Some cases are already a few years or decades old.

Mr Jacobs: Sure, it’s true Miss Tellbourn. I merely try to help the ones who broke the cases in the past. That’s the purpose of the Worldwide Truth Day. In some cases I had some input, but lets not put the spotlight on me. There’s too much information out there for that and the ones who broke the stories deserve all the credit for it.

CBA: Of all the cases you know of, which case is the most important one? I can imagine that there must at least be some that are so enormous that people might find it hard to comprehend or believe.

Mr Jacobs: It’s hard to make a choice. I mean everything on the blog of Worldwide Truth Day are things that every person on Earth should be aware of. But the two most striking, for me, are the coverup of the truth about 9/11 and the nuclear attack on Fukushima, Japan. These are the two cases that prompted me to be active in the real truth movement out there. A movement that has been sabotaged in many ways by those who obviously do everything they can to keep the truth from coming out.

CBA: So you consider yourself a 9/11 sceptic? Aren’t you worried you will be regarded a conspiracy theorist? After all, that’s what people are being called who deny the official narrative of the September 11 attacks. And what about your claim that Fukushima came under a nuclear attack? That’s the wildest claim I have ever heard. I read the post on your blog and the report to which you refer to on your blog. Do you actually believe what the author of that Fukushima report, Jim Stone, tries to document?

Mr Jacobs: Well, first of all, none of both the cases is a theory. The facts are very well documented by many sources. I’m no theorist, I investigate, so no I’m not worried at all about the name tag. And what the Fukushima report concerns, lets just say that I rather leave the explaining up to Jim Stone himself. He seems to be very professional at what he does. He brings facts which no one can reject in any way. If you’ve read his report, you certainly must be impressed by these facts that he points out.

CBA: The report is indeed unique, in that I never came across this approach to what happened in Fukushima in 2011. Many things in that report are, as you say, hard or even impossible to reject.

Mr Jacobs: I really hope you and the rest of the establishment media can persuade millions of people to read Jim Stone’s report and to share it with their family and friends. The world really has to know about it. It’s too important and if we don’t shine a huge spotlight on this case…, well, … lets just say that we haven’t seen the worst yet then. Those who are responsible for such heinous acts will stop at nothing to keep their practices and acts of war against humanity going. It will get worse and worse. Compared to Fukushima, 9/11 was only the introduction to a new way of warfare. I hope the establishment media, or mainstream, finally breaks free from the censorship. Refusing to cover the truth is an offense against real journalism. But I see a great career developing for you Miss Tellbourn, when you publish this interview and give the Worldwide Truth Day and all the facts we are referring to the attention it deserves. But be aware of the fact that you will be targeted by many with a lot of influence and in powerful positions. I wish you well and a safe passage to the other side.

CBA: The other side?

Mr Jacobs: Oh yeah! Once all this information gets out on mainstream TV and radio and in the newspapers, I guarantee you it will mark the beginning of a new era. Any previous revolution ever recorded in the history books will look like a walk in the park, just another day on planet Earth. This time however it’s going to be epic! Trust me!

CBA: You seem very convinced Mr. Jacobs, but aren’t we seeing the beginning of your alleged epic revolution already? Yet, the world has not really stopped from  turning. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are already uncovering some remarkable facts for a while now about the NSA’s spy activities and a lot of other government data has leaked out. Hasn’t it?

Mr Jacobs: I’m not impressed about those pawns. Let me make it clear, just in case you missed the most important fact about those two psyop fronts. They both lie about 9/11. One, Assange, claims that 9/11 is not a real conspiracy, which it IS in every meaning of the word, by saying that he’s “constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11.” The other, Snowden, spreads false information about the fake capturing of Bin Laden. The guy, Osama, has been dead since 2001. This by itself should bring down the whole charade around Snowden and Assange. I mean seriously, it never was a big secret that the governments and secret services in this world are spying on anything they want and can. For decades we have witnessed the methods and systems being explained in blockbuster movies and bestselling books. Sure it’s called fiction but how fictional is it now when all of a sudden these things are “leaking?” Like I said before, if you can make the whole world believe that Fukushima was hit by a natural caused tsunami, then you can make two useful idiots and the world believe that they found the motherload. But let me ask you this to make it even more clear that Assange and Snowden are psyop fronts. Where is the media coverage on the truth about 9/11 and the truth about Fukushima? Yet you guys give these two Muppets prime time audiences. Can you see the problem I have with that observation?

CBA: Your frustration is understandable Mr Jacobs. Well, it looks like we’re running out of time for now. Can we agree that we had a fruitful conversation?

Mr Jacobs: I will Miss Tellbourn, when I see the interview published online, uncensored, for the world to read.

CBA: Fair enough. So, let me wish you good luck with your Worldwide Truth Day initiative. And who knows, maybe we’ll continue this conversation on a later stage in time. I most certainly look forward to that moment.

* * *

As requested by Mr Jacobs, we confronted numerous politicians and executives with the Worldwide Truth Day initiative, its nature and its findings. Unfortunately, only few seem to be available to comment or to release an official  statement. Many deny all the allegations and describe the initiative as preposterous and absurd. The few responses that we could record may only be published when they are kept anonymous, which takes away all the credibility and value of course. The concerning persons fear that their careers might be jeopardized but make it clear that the information is very sensitive. One politician, from Iceland, actually wants to join the initiative but awaits the position and conclusion of his party.

As the news was going around in political circles today about the interview and the initiative, CBA News International was approached by secret service agents merely two hours after we conducted the interview with Mr. Jacobs, to put pressure on our network not to publish the interview and this article. Later in the day we received messages that United Nations officials will hold an emergency meeting, behind closed doors, later this weekend. CBA contacted the UN to get comments or statements but again no one was available. A press conference will be held after the emergency meeting.

In our correspondence with other news networks it is being said that there’s a lot of agitation and commotion being observed in the political arena and in Wall Street. Some of our affiliates claim that they had contact with foreign governments and they say that these governments are shocked and worried to hear about the Worldwide Truth Day initiative. At first they were under the impression that it regarded a new UN initiative, since there’s a special meeting being held this weekend, of which they were informed. For now our affiliates await how the situation evolves before they will come out with their findings and collected statements. We do know that they were able to get official statements from high ranked US government personnel. It looks like some of these officials are about to save their own reputation by going public and by confessing “some really dirty secrets.” They rather come clean early than “going down with their partners in crime,” WX4F was quoted as saying. It looks like it’s going to be everyone for himself from now on, both on the international political and corporate level.

The links that Mr Jacobs provided us with, regarding his statements:

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Dossier VZK, Flemish healthcare case

9/11 facts

Fukushima facts

Snowden and Assange

[The above article, interview, news network and its reporter represent a simulation of how the establishment media should handle hard hitting truth, instead of helping with the coverups as they do now. The information provided by Jacobs K. in the simulated interview as well as the information the Worldwide Truth Day refers to is real! The reason for the simulation should be obvious, it’s a guerrilla marketing technique used for the promotion of the WWTD initiative.]