Legalized Extortion: The European Stability Mechanism


Disguised as a mechanism to “save” the EU and its member states from future financial horror, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is set to leverage more than 700 billion euro in its initial phase. It will be one of the most important elements of the coming European Federation, created to enable more oppression and power grabbing by the banks and corrupt politicians.

Of course, the ESM finds itself completely out of the democratic realm, so not even one EU citizen would have the power to cast its vote against the ESM, or against the EU for that matter.

When taking a closer look at the details of the mechanism it becomes clear that it is nothing more than a legal framework to allow the extortion of any and all EU nations, whenever the EU and the banksters please. Furthermore, any amount that the ESM will demand from EU member states will have to be payed within 7 days.

The ESM fund, its board, representatives and minions are all protected through a status of immunity. This means that no legal actions can be taken against the ESM or any of its operatives.

We call it legalized extortion and it’s any bankster’s wet dream!

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