Fukushima Reactor 3 Melt Down

December 31, 2013 – Jim Stone

First of all, an unintentional melt down is impossible this late in the game, (an un intentional melt down is virtually impossible only 4 hours after shut down and completely impossible 10 hours after).

At first I blew this off because it sounded like more ENE B.S. It appears it is not. There are two possibilities here, and these are the only possibilities regardless of what anyone else says –

1. The fuel pool has had a problem and is experiencing a chain reaction. Thus far we are only dealing with steam and not fire, so the temperatures cannot be over 135 celsius or so, and though it would be a headache, this particular scenario would be controllable by pumping extra water into the pool.


But here is scenario 2, and it is BY FAR the most probable –

There is a portion of reactor 3´s core which remains functional after the blast, and this core is completely submerged in water and completely blown out of the reactor pressure vessel. This remaining functional portion of the core has either been activated from Dimona Israel via the totally unauthorized connection to reactor 3’s inner containment they admitted to having in the Jerusalem Post, a connection that the Japanese cannot cut because the radiation levels are too severe to approach the systems that are affected,


the Stuxnet virus has re activated itself for the new year and has, by itself, put what is left of the reactor core to the fullest output it can manage.


The proof that in one form or another the Darpa/CIA/Israeli created Stuxnet virus is at play here is the fact that even though the blown open containment suddenly started steaming, none of the control room readouts are showing that anything strange is going on. Stuxnet keeps the control room readouts normal while it destroys in secret, and the only way reactor 3 could be reading cold while steaming is if Stuxnet is spoofing the control room displays to read normal while it makes a second attempt at giving Japanese the nuclear disaster Israel really wanted for them.

This second disaster would involve a fuel pool fire – many people who read this site know that a large amount of material was expelled from reactor 3’s core during the big blast, and this material has made all of reactor 3’s containment too dangerous to approach. Because of this, all of the fuel in reactor 3’s “spent” fuel pool is still sitting there waiting to be used as a weapon.

Adding to the mayhem is the apparent storage of fuel in the steam separator pool, which got blown away when reactor 3 was destroyed. It was this fuel that melted into a river of fuel captured on video by a drone, this fuel drained out the North West corner of the steam separator pool and into the alley between reactors 2 and 3 and caused the deaths out at Fukushima, deaths which have now been expunged from the “ziopress” because a little steam from a vented reactor won´t kill people and the official ziopress story is that nothing really bad happened there.

Saying what really happened via the MSM would wake up too many nuclear engineers around the world about very real threats their own facilities face, threats Israel wants kept in their war chest and scam sites like ENE news keep well protected by blaming Tepco all the while there is a monster on the loose in the form of a weaponized industrial control virus.


What do I think will happen?

It is a near certainty that this new problem is the result of Stuxnet putting what is left of reactor 3 back at full output. And what happens will be the result of several factors – if there is enough of that reactor core left to produce a few hundred megawatts (the thermal design ran at 33 percent efficient, which means a 1.2 gigawatt reactor actually produced 3.6 gigawatts) and this means that if even 20 percent of that core is still functional (which equals 720 megawatts) the Israelis might just be able to light the place up good. 720 megawatts would succeed in boiling off all the water faster than they could pump it in from external pumps, after it went dry there would be a radioactive firestorm (watch for ENE Arnie Gundersen to plaige that phrase).

If any of the reactor pumps are still functional, don’t count on Israeli sympathies, Stuxnet will just shut them off and all the pump control systems are too radioactive to allow people to go in and bypass them.



My guess is that not even 5 percent of reactor 3´s blown up core is functional, and I think Israel will only manage a little steam show that external pumps can handle. They could drag this out for decades but compared to a nuclear firestorm an extended steam show would be a godsend no matter how long the show went on. Let’s hope for the best with this one.


The proof that this is Israel and Stuxnet is the fact that the control room is saying EVERYTHING IS NORMAL, SEE THE FOLLOWING: