I Smell What They Are Cooking, And So Can You!

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If you’ve ever wondered how, why and when a world government would be implemented then this article is certainly what you should read.

I was wondering what the topic should be of the first post of the new Jacobs Full-Spectrum website, but it only required me to log in to my Facebook account and read the news feeds to immediately find the perfect topic:

  • “Canada’s Former Defense Minister Says Space Aliens Live Among Us, But Hate Our Nukes”Rawstory.com, January 6, 2014
  • “If We Down at Least One UFO We’ll Be Facing an Interstellar War – Former Defense Minister of Canada”RT, December 30, 2013

Many people have already heard about Paul Hellyer, the Former Defense Minister of Canada. He’s the politician who claims that aliens, off-Earth beings, are among us and that we need to establish a new kind of society. For those who put any faith in him and his gospel, I’m sorry to be busting your bubble today. Well, in fact to be honest I’m not sorry at all because it’s imperative that someone shows you the epic deception that is going on here with this guy.

Paul Hellyer talks about how governments keep alien technology secret, technology that could bring new kinds of energy about that would end the era of fossil fuels. First of all, the technology that he’s referring to is not alien, it is indeed being kept secret for the public but that’s because it empowers those who have access to this “new technology.” That’s how the game of ruling the world is being played, you keep the best for yourself and until the time is right and everything is set in place to reap the enormous profits you don’t just roll out your secret technology. This principle should be easy to understand by anyone.

So who is it that is keeping this “new or alien technology” secret? Well, the exact same group of people who are planning the establishment of a corporate world government.

But the true nature of Hellyer’s crusade is much broader than aliens and UFOs.

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