Fukushima 3/11 Truth: “Deception is Worse than the Nuclear Attacks”

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The 3/11 Earthquake in Japan (2011) Was NOT a 9.0

On of the first, biggest and most important lies about the attacks on Fukushima, Japan, is about the earthquake itself from March 11, 2011, which was NOT a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

In fact it can be confirmed and proven in multiple ways that the strongest earthquake on that day could not have been any stronger than 6.67.

How can we know this for sure?

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The 3/11 Earthquake in Japan (2011) Was NOT Natural

Given the proven fact that there was no 9.0 earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, while the official story claims it did occur, it is more than fair to state that something is being covered up, that something happened on that day that the mainstream media and the governments are not reporting about. This something must be so damning that the official Fukushima narrative would not survive another hour when the truth came out in the public arena. The truth must be so destructive for the official reports and the dangers of exposing the truth must be so extremely life-threatening that officials anywhere in the world don’t even dare to report anything but the lies that have been scripted for them.

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