OMNISOV Special Commercial District of the USI Now Open for Business

February 4, 2014 – The Veritasya Observer

omnisov, commercial district, usi, united states of the internet

Today the United States of the Internet officially opened its special commercial district, OMNISOV. The Veritasya Observer is one of the first companies to be registered in OMNISOV along with Alpha Vertigo, an internet investigations company.

OMNISOV is proof of the fact that commercial activities and politics are being reshaped in ways that people would have considered impossible a decade ago. Nevertheless, OMNISOV is real and so are the ambitions of the USI.

  • “The OMNISOV special commercial district was established by the USI Department of Commerce to allow any company and nonprofit organization from around the world to benefit from the new possibilities that the United States of the Internet is creating and the innovations that the 21st century will bring along.” – OMNISOV

Commercial and cultural activities along with social engagement bring progress and are what any community needs to be interesting and enjoyable for the local people, companies and organizations and attractive for the outside world. With OMNISOV, the United States of the Internet shows that they want to become a serious and innovating entity in the international community.

The special commercial district is like everywhere else in the USI a tax-free zone, businesses and (nonprofit) organizations only pay an annual fee when they want to conduct commercial activities, as an independent association, in the United States of the Internet.