54 Reasons to Defund and Dismantle the Entire United Nations

February 8, 2014 – USI Public Intelligence and Education Academy (PIEA)

The USI government and the Public Intelligence and Education Academy deem it necessary, in the public’s interest, to inform the international community about an alarming, growing number of cases and facts that make it impossible for any self-respecting sovereign community and nation to not recognize what is going on at the United Nations and to not take immediate action. We even go so far as to suggest that any membership at the UN should be immediately terminated in order to prevent further escalation of the current worrying situation.

For decades the United Nations organization has been regarded as a respectable entity by all nations and sovereign communities, we can base this conclusion on the memberships at the UN and the co-operations with the UN and their specialized agencies.

However, this respect and trust has been misplaced ever since the UN came into existence.

The following excerpts are a summary of documented cases and facts that prove that the conclusions of the USI government and the Public Intelligence and Education Academy are justified, that the call for action against the UN and termination of memberships at the United Nations by any and all member states, sovereign communities and orders is warranted.