Man Made Global Warming and the Pimping of Cryoseisms



The recent reports about ice quakes or cryoseisms (a word that on February 20, 2014, was/is not even listed in Britannica Encyclopedia,, Yahoo’s Encyclopedia) that you may have been seeing, hearing or reading online or even on TV and in the newspapers can be confirmed to be yet another attempt by the media and governments to reprogram the minds of the people by rewriting science and history.

There are not only valid clues which this assumption is based upon, there is real evidence that proves the assumption is correct.

Although the reporting about cryoseisms is claimed to go back as far as the 19th century, it’s not only the historical reporting itself that this report is about. Today we will also focus on how cryoseisms or ice quakes are being described as new phenomena and are being linked to new effects and will be linked to global warming, of course due to human activity as the green pervert gospel goes.

As of at least February 20, 2014, it can be confirmed that a major attempt of rewriting the facts and science about the subject “cryoseisms” is a fact. This can be proven in various ways, based upon the history of the cryoseisms reporting and the manner in which the media presents this as being one of the plenty of new phenomenon.”

Cryoseisms or ice quakes are the terms used for naming the events of “major frost cracking of the top few feet of the ground, occurring during sub-zero cold snaps, which generates localized ground shaking and is often mistaken for an earthquake,” according to the Vermont Geological Survey.

However, the Vermont Geological Survey doesn’t mention anywhere on their webpage, which is one of the websites/pages being used as a reference by Wikipedia regarding cryoseisms, that these ice quakes are accompanied by (sonic) booms and flashes of light. In fact the reports of light flashes are more than likely originating at government and corporate shills and the Wikipedia cryoseism page itself, which in turn is being used as a reference by the mainstream and alternative media who are trying to spin this natural phenomenon in favor of the (man made) global warming fear campaign that was set out by the United Nations and their criminal Specialized Agencies, allies and members. Criminal because they engage in psychological operations against the general public to further a corporate agenda with the aim to rake in billions of dollars and euros in profits (looting of public funds and wealth).

In fact the references which the mentioned Wikipedia cryoseism page refers to are mostly either outdated or nonexistent at all. In at least one case it even refers to a completely different topic and article through which the misrepresentation and fraudulent rewriting of the alleged science is being furthered, deliberately.

When comparing the archived 2007 version of the Wikipedia page to the current page, it becomes clear that even other Wikipedia editors are requesting the improvement of the page since it doesn’t represent a “worldwide view of the subject.” Still, there’s more to mention about this page because in the 2007 version it refers to “Arctic Postal History: The Wellman Expedition” which is purposely being omitted in the current 2014 version. The Wellman North Pole Expedition page mentions that an ice quake occurred during a second land expedition in 1898 but refers to it as being an arctic phenomena. This would explain exactly why media outlets like Huffington Post deceitfully describe ice quakes as a new phenomena.

The Wikipedia cryoseism page can therefore not be used as a valid nor a scientific source of cryoseism data in any way since it has been corrupted in multiple ways.

Other sources, to which also the Wikipedia page refers have even gone so far as to hide their content about this phenomena (by changing the URLs), like the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM) and the Maine Geological survey (MGS). However, the UWM content has been retrieved here and the MGS content here, through The reason why these pages are being hidden from the public has certainly to do with the fact that:

  • The UWM reports dismiss the “sonic booms” which are currently being linked to cryoseisms by the media and the governments in their ludicrous, Orwellian campaign of rewriting historical facts and science.
  • The MGS report doesn’t mention any sound effects at all.
  • Both UWM and MGS don’t mention flashes of light accompanying ice quakes anywhere on these pages.

In the event that UWM and MGS have not deliberately hidden their cryoseisms content then there’s only one other possibility left why the links at the Wikipedia cryoseism page are dead links and that is foul play (deception)!

Also worth noting is the dates when other Wikipedia pages were created concerning the cryoseism topic (the English version was created in 2006):

  • French version: Created on January 4, 2014, after the U.S. media started to spread the propaganda.
  • Dutch version: Created on January 9, 2014, after the U.S. media started to spread the propaganda.

A German Wikipedia page about earthquakes mentions frost quakes but again no (sonic) booms nor light flashes are being mentioned that would accompany the cryoseisms.

Not convinced yet about the wide-scale attempt by the media, (nonprofit) organizations and politicians to rewrite history and science?

Have a look at this then for example. In both the 2007 and the 2014 version of the Wikipedia cryoseism page a reference is included pointing to a March 27, 2006, blog post at “The Post-Normal Times.”

The original blog post (2006) can be found here. The current version (2014) of this blog post can be found here. However, it is imperative that you observe the URL of both versions of The Post-Normal Times blog post which is “” How come then that in the current version the original blog post has been swapped with other content titled “Drought, drinking water, and the worth of a creek” in which cryoseisms or ice quakes are not mentioned in any way at all.

Could it be that the Post-Normal Times blog post has been swapped because the original blog post includes “This is strong evidence that climate, not merely “internal ice sheet dynamics”, has contributed to the recent increases in Greenland’s glaciers,” which is a pretty damning observation to say the least that completely contradicts the man made global warming fear mongering and trashy argument that the Greenland glaciers are melting away due to the fabled man made global warming.

Concerning the latest media reports about the ice quakes it is worth it to point this out about a CBC News (Toronto) article/story:

Since the quality of their report is so poor and only relies on Tweets, readers are responding with comments like

  1. “Twitterverse reporting seems to be the CBC’s answer to journalism,”
  2. “I was just thinking the very same thing! Probably why they call these ‘stories’ rather than articles…,”
  3. “How come this is the first time in fifty years I’ve ever heard of such a phenomenon? Surely it gets cold in the winter year after year, but I’ve never, ever heard of this until now.”
  4. “The CBC uses twitter comments for their info and that media didn’t exist 50 years ago.”

About a Huffington Post article in which they wrote:

“With temperatures in Ontario dropping to anywhere from -20°C to -36°C, residents who have already experienced plenty of new phenomenon this season are bracing for more.”

Because Huffington Post refers to the cryoseisms or ice quakes as “new phenomenon” it can clearly be proven that the media is being ordered to assist in the latest campaign and efforts of reprogramming the minds of the general public, as they along with the governments rewrite historical facts and science. Obviously the media has accepted the order and is therefore fully complicit in this new round of psychological operations against the people.

Light flashes and sonic booms in relation to cryoseisms can therefor be regarded as the “special effects” of this propaganda and fear mongering campaign. Although it may have to do with something completely different as well, as Jim Stone has pointed out.

Whatever the reason is for these (sonic) booms that are being heard when these cryoseisms occur, here’s what the noise caused by cryoseisms sounds like and it’s not “booms.” Rumbling sounds and the sound in this video (at the 29 seconds mark) are at least more credible:

Video link:

As for the light flashes that are being reported, until irrefutable evidence comes along, it’s safe to stick with Jim Stone’s explanation.

Obviously the ice quakes are being used to further the man made global warming lies and deception that is being preached by the UN, the EU, governments, political chumps, “nonprofit” sidekicks and the ignorant masses.

It is important to address this issue and trash it immediately just like it was the case with Al Gore’s PFTBA in his NASA fuel cells for his new London headquarters and Paul Hellyer’s attempt to hijack the international resistance, not to mention Assange and Snowden.

Anyway, will we ever be able to make the general public see and accept the truth about how their governments, the United Nations, corrupted and misguided organizations and (nonprofit) charities and their beloved establishment and alternative media are hijacking and reprogramming their minds?

In this endless stream of deceitful campaigns in order to sell one of the biggest lies in modern history, which man made global warming is, every soul that can be saved is crucial. As long as there’s resistance the downfall of these disgusting psyops, run by a still expanding alliance of deceivers and useful idiots, is within reach. But time is running out and the amount and frequency of propaganda are increasing every day.

Not only do we need to fight the perverting man made global warming propaganda machine maintained by the most corrupt and evil institutions like the UN and the EU, politicians and corporate CEOs along with their despicable “nonprofit” sidekicks like Greenpeace and the WWF and the millions of docile followers (useful idiots), our attention also has to be focused on the deception that still surrounds the 2011 Fukushima sabotage and eco-terror because both cases are on par when it comes to the magnitude of the lies that are being spread.

In fact, in all honesty, the only solution that is likely to work in order to stop this global insanity is to round up every politician and CEO (both in the commercial and nonprofit sector) who are complicit in the man made global warming propaganda (swindle) and the 2011 Fukushima deception and put them in re-education facilities for life. Some people, however, may have even more extreme options in mind once all these criminals have been rounded up, which is understandable given the extent of the corruption and deceit.

The few people who are aware of the true reality and who are willing to go the distance, compared to the vast number of ignorant stumps, better step up their efforts to turn the tide.

In the event that people didn’t know yet that governments and the media (mainstream and alternative) are engaging in psychological operations (the brainwashing of mankind) and are spreading scripted news together, it’s imperative that they take a look at this Fox News report. It’s likely to be one of the last ‘bizarre’ warnings you’ll hear about for a long time.