Kūn Míng Zhàn: Uyghur Knife Attackers Linked to CIA and Dalai Lama

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On March 1, 2014, Chinese media reported a series of knife attacks in the Kūn Míng train station in Southern China, allegedly carried out by 10 Uyghur terrorists, of which four or five have been killed by the police. The Uyghurs, who are a Muslim minority from the autonomous region Xinjiang (Western China), are seeking the secession of their region “East Turkestan” from the People’s Republic of China [1].

However, the Chinese officials and the media concluded rather swiftly that this was a terrorist related attack on the people of Kūn Míng City. As it is usually the case with such events, this event too prompts many investigators to dig a little deeper. In doing so it immediately becomes clear who may also have a role in this latest attack in China.

According to Aangirfan and German Foreign Policy the Uyghurs have at least one connection to the CIA and even the Dalai Lama is being mentioned in a China Tibet Online article and a Financial Times article about the Uyghurs, which is as can be expected currently not being mentioned by the establishment media and even alternative media outlets tend to omit these facts in their reporting about the Kūn Míng knife attacks.

German-foreign-policy.com, October 22, 2007: Current transatlantic activities promoting anti-Chinese separatism and weakening Beijing, are based on decades of German-US cooperation. Erkin Alptekin, a Uyghur living in exile, is one of the protagonists. His father, Yusuf Alptekin had already participated in the 1930s secessionist movement in Western China. From 1933 – 1934 he was General Secretary of the provisional government of the “Turkish Islamic Republic East Turkestan”. The Uyghurs are still calling the region they inhabit in the People’s Republic of China, “East Turkestan”, because they consider themselves to be of ethnic Turkish descent. Some of them are striving for a pan-Turkish federation combining regions in Central Asia with Turkey. After finishing his studies in Istanbul, Erkin Alptekin, whose family is held in high esteem in Uyghur circles, moved to Munich in 1971, where he became “Senior Policy Advisor” to the director of the US station “Radio Liberty”.

It was at that time, that the CIA began to establish contacts to Uyghurs seeking secession. “Some, like Erkin Alptekin, who have worked for the CIA’s Radio Liberty, are – in the meantime – on the forefront of the secessionist movement” writes analyst B. Raman, the former Indian government’s cabinet secretary. In Munich, Alptekin founded the “East Turkestan Union in Europe” in 1991 and in April 2004 the “World Uyghur Congress” and was named its founding president. From German territory, the congress is steering numerous Uyghur exile organizations around the world, of which some must be classified as being in the terrorist milieu, according to Chinese government information.

Also lets not forget that China is playing along in the UN-US-Israeli “terror” game and is parroting the 9/11 propaganda just like any other government on this planet.

Southasiaanalysis.org: China has expressed concern that Islamic extremists operating in and around the Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region who are opposed to Chinese rule received training, equipment, and inspiration from al-Qaida, the Taliban, and other extremists in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

As many of us know, Al Qaeda is a U.S. product, which has been admitted earlier by Hillary Clinton.

As for the Dalai Lama, well, there are multiple reports that confirm he’s a CIA asset [1, 2, 3].

We look forward to how the media will spin this current series of knife attacks in Kūn Míng, China, to make it fit their terror propaganda in order for the UN, the U.S. and the EU to occupy and destabilize more nations around the world.

Syria, Ukraine, Iran [1, 2]? How about China [1, 2]?! There are always CIA fingerprints on the scene when countries show signs of destabilization and terrorism.