Yet Another Sandy Hook Picture Mystery


When digging for the truth about Sandy Hook (December 14, 2012) one encounters various obstacles and contradicting statements, articles and even photos.

One of those photos is this one from December 15, 2008:

sandy hook, elementary school, 2008, dads of great students, dogs

According to Google Search [1, 2, 3, 4] and this picture is from “the WatchDOGS — Dads of Great Students — program,” during its first year at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

When comparing the above picture from 2008 with the released photos allegedly from inside the Sandy Hook elementary school, as reported by the media on December 27 (2013), then it is obvious that the wall tiles do not match in any way. The tiles in the 2008 picture look very different and pretty new compared to the ones in the 2013 pictures, of which the following is one:


Again, the 2008 Dads of Great Students picture only points to the Sandy Hook elementary school, there’s no reason to believe why the Dads of Great Students would lie about that picture all the way back in 2008, long before a shooting at Sandy Hook was mentioned in the media and online.

How can we even know for sure that the December 27, 2013, pictures are in fact from inside the Sandy Hook elementary school?

When we look at the school’s website the photo in the website header was more than likely only added when the December 27, 2013, photos were published by the media because even on December 11, 2013, (which was the last time that the website was archived on the date of publishing this article) there was no photo in that website header of the Sandy Hook elementary school, according to

All of this reminds us of another photo:

hook-in-line-3 hook-in-line-2 hook-in-line-1Why would anyone want to remove the above photo from official records? Although initially it was one of the main photos used by the State Police and the media to hype up the Sandy Hook reporting.

And what about this audio recording?

  • Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza, identifying himself as ‘Greg’, calls AnarchyRadio, hosted by John Zerzan, on Dec. 20, 2011.

How was it confirmed that “Greg” the caller is in fact Adam Lanza?

What about this picture of a T-shirt? Allegedly Adam’s. He was claimed to have shot himself in the head so the big wet spot on this T-shirt must be his blood then. Odd as it is, his blood doesn’t seem to be red at all, if it was blood then the small white spots in the shoulder area on the shirt would be RED too instead of white. Maybe the State Police washed the shirt first with Tide to make sure it looks and smells good for the photo shoot. Or maybe they just spilled some bleach on the T-shirt and that’s why the white spots are white instead of RED.

  • Lt. J. Paul Vance: “Who needs blood and DNA as evidence anyway, all the truth comes out off my microphones” (he may have said in such case when Tide and bleach were used)


And so, the list with unanswered questions keeps growing day after day. But officially there are no more questions to be answered since the final police report was released last year in December according to the media.

So was Sandy Hook created and used not only to provide more reasons to ban firearms? Or was the situation also created and used to justify the alleged need to have parents fingerprinted, further expanding big brother’s database?

Fingerprinting Reminder

All parents who intend to volunteer in our kindergarten and first grade classes MUST be fingerprinted before being allowed to interact with the students. Volunteers for grades 2-4 with direct one-on one contact with a child also must be fingerprinted. If you were fingerprinted last year, you do not need to go through the process again.

Fingerprint cards and instructions can be picked up at the Board of Education Central office at Fairfield Hills Campus.

The district will cover all related costs, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses.”

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This picture is brought to you by Robbie Parker and The Salt Lake Tribune