Patrick Rock, Top Aide to David Cameron Arrested over Child Pornography

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One of David Cameron’s closest aides has been arrested on child abuse imagery allegations, it was revealed last night.

Veteran Tory adviser Patrick Rock, who has been an ally of the Prime Minister since they first began working together 20 years ago, quit before being arrested.

Rock, dubbed “the most powerful Cameron adviser most people have never heard of”, was a protege of late PM Margaret Thatcher.

He first worked with the future PM when they were advisers to Michael Howard at the Home Secretary and has held a series of high-profile posts in the Conservative Party.

The unmarried 62-year-old, who has been tipped for a peerage, was closely involved in a government group drawing up policy on internet porn filters last summer.

Mr Rock’s resignation came last month when the PM learned he was at the centre of a police probe over images of child abuse.

Detectives from the National Crime Agency searched his Number 10 office and examined Downing Street IT system.

Mr Rock, who lives in West London, resigned hours before being arrested, Number 10 insiders said.

His shock arrest is a massive blow to Mr Cameron and has sent shock waves through the Tory party.

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