Belgian Pedophile Politicians Feel the Heat

March 9, 2014 – 4KEY.NET

On Saturday, March 8, Belgian MP Laurent Louis was arrested in Mons for distributing leaflets in public without a permit. In Belgium, the heart of the European Union, citizens are required to obtain permits whenever they want to assemble in public, when they want to inform their community or when they want to be politically active on the streets of Belgium, a true earmark of democracy. What’s the point of requesting a permit to disagree with your government? Other than to control the opposition this requirement serves no other purpose.

Of course Laurent Louis wasn’t arrested for the leaflets. Louis is known to have explicit opposing thoughts about the Belgian government and certain political elements thereof. One of the many politicians who rightfully fear Laurent Louis and his campaigns is the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who’s brothers Mario and Franco Di Rupo were already involved in counterfeiting cases [1, 2]. More so because Louis is actively exposing Di Rupo’s pedophile history and his involvement in the cover-ups in the Dutroux case which rocked the Belgian political establishment boat in the 1990s because it showed how deep the international pedophile network goes and how extensive it continues to be.

Whatever Laurent Louis’s own agenda may be, his allegations towards the Belgian Prime Minister are more than legit. It’s a fact that Di Rupo is a pedophile [1, 2], his sexual relationships with minors were officially never further investigated. Only a for entertainment purpose parliamentary commission was established in 1996 to give the public the impression that there was a serious investigation going on, which in fact was yet another layer of cover-ups added to the already countless layers of deception, corruption and disgusting show trials in the Dutroux case.

It is a well-known fact in the Belgian political arena that many politicians were and still are involved in pedophilia cases. Even the opposition parties are aware of this but for some reason they too help to keep the cover-ups going, this of course makes them just as complicit as any other Belgian politician.

Aside from the 1990s Dutroux case other cases such as the one from 1987 involving child pornography at the Belgian branch of UNICEF clearly prove the international characteristics of these pedophile networks.

So it can be assured that the recent arrest of Laurent Louis has nothing to do with his leaflets. On the other hand it can also be assured that his arrest is more than likely the result of political pressure taking place behind the scenes of the Belgian judicial branch for Louis outspoken opinions and statements such as these:

Belgian MP Laurent Louis Denounces the December 22 Pedophile Celebration

Video link:

Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS – Exposes the International Neo-Colonial Plot

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According to the zionist community and their media Louis is also known for having anti-zionist opinions. They condemn his behavior because it may put the obvious truth on the table which can be found here:

and here: