Parodontax Investigation: Part 2

This report is a follow-up on the initial Parodontax article we posted on December 13 of last year in which we exposed how METRO and GlaxoSmithKline sell fluoride free toothpaste in the Philippines.

It is only in very exceptional cases that we publish responses and e-mails from readers regarding our reporting and articles but it seems to be so that there’s more going on here with this case of fluoride free toothpaste.

One of our readers recently sent us the following message (names and locations have been redacted for privacy and safety concerns):

  • “Hi,
    In my research to find this product, I was able to read an entry about Parodontax. I have been searching for this product for my son, who is 4 years old and has occasional gum issues.
    I live here in …, …. and I have looked for it in Mercury Drug and Watsons, and even asked around in Facebook and they all have one answer, it has been pulled out…
    Does that store Metro still carry this toothpaste? Your help will be much appreciated.

We replied to our reader with this message:

  • “It appears to be revolving around an article we posted last year:
    We found out that someone is trying very hard to fool the people, as more and more people search for healthy alternatives in life.
    I cannot confirm this but it is very suspicious that indeed the product was removed from the stores merely days or weeks after we published our article. This by itself proves that we are right to be suspicious about this kind of practices. Now people are literally forced to consume unhealthy products. For more information why we know for sure that many products are extremely unhealthy please read this very important study which again proves the dangers:
    Before giving you a tip on products to use please understand that we are not official health practitioners so our tips do not represent a professional advice in any way. But from a personal point of view I’d say that since the product is no longer available it may be a good choice to use the baby toothpaste that can be found in the Watson outlets. The one I now use, as an adult, contains no fluoride and is water-based. Try to buy SANSFLUO, for now it’s probably the safest alternative you’ll find out there. I’ll be going to the city soon to investigate this further, to find other alternatives. I’m also working on making my own toothpaste and if you like I’ll keep you informed on that too.
    As far as I know it may even be more simple to provide you with a VERY HEALTHY alternative. Try to use pure coconut oil for brushing teeth. Buy some pure coconut oil, dip your toothbrush in the oil and brush the teeth. Be sure to rinse well because the coconut oil will fight all the bacteria in the mouth. This is a very safe and cheap solution. Of course your toothbrush will be oily afterwards but when you rinse it well it will not pose a health problem. If you really want to be sure, then just clean the toothbrush every now and then with hot water so the oil will come off easily.
    The Parodontax you refer to has no fluoride and was meant to stop the bleeding of the gums but as you can see in our article the companies who sold that product tried very hard to hide that info from the public and their customers.
    Sadly this proves that the Philippine people, and the rest of the world, are deliberately being poisoned by the big pharma companies, it’s an obvious attempt of abusing the people’s trust and good hearts, which the Philippine people certainly have. In general all Filipinos are good persons and big companies always abuse that for their own greed. It’s sad but true.
    Thank you for your message,
    Truth News International”

One thing we forgot to mention in our reply is that people should take care in selecting their health products like toothpastes. It’s not because there’s no fluoride in it that it therefore is automatically safe and healthy. Some of the fluoride free toothpastes contain strontium instead which is also very bad for your health. It’s like being given the choice between health hazards and bigger health hazards. Or in the case of neurological damage, being given the choice of becoming stupid or very stupid since fluoride and other chemicals in the toothpastes and foods are known to cause brain damage among other ‘side effects’. This study is yet more evidence that supports that assumption.

So it is a fact and it has been proven what we suspected all along, that there’s a massive corporate campaign going on of poisoning the people on purpose and not only in the Philippines but on a global scale.

The fact that all fluoride free Parodontax and other brands of toothpastes were/are being removed from the store shells nationwide, more than likely because of reports like ours, is suspicious to say the least. More so, since now people are mainly forced to consume fluoride. The alternatives are few, if any, when people purchase products like toothpaste. Only when people educate themselves or use natural solutions like coconut oil will they have no exposure to fluoride when brushing their teeth.

From a commercial point of view companies like GlaxoSmithKline make wrong decisions when not providing healthy products and along with the retailers they will all be losing sales and income when more and more people become aware of the truth regarding their hazardous, brain-damaging products. This may even be a positive consequence since crumbling corporate empires make space for small and local producers and merchants who can then grow and expand like they should.