Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Importance of the FAKE Photos


A Message to the Unaware People Out There

After six (6) days since the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was AWACS-ed from the skies the media still holds on to the FAKE photos of the alleged holders of the stolen passports.

The fact that none of the media outlets have pointed out this forgery should make you really concerned about anything else they write or broadcast about flight 370.

Why would you honestly believe that the media is telling you the truth about what’s really going on when they provide you with silly photoshopped pictures of alleged suspects? Doesn’t this make you feel uncomfortable as you watch the news and read their fabricated stories as they coverup the truth once again?

When you can’t accept that you have been lied to BIG time AGAIN through these photos then there’s no hope for you for ever coming to the conclusion that you need to change your news sources ASAP:

malaysia airlines, flight 370, fake photos, fake pictures

malaysia airlines, flight 370, fake pictures, fake photos

Even if you would doubt that the media indeed uses these FAKE photos it’s pretty easy to verify this for yourself. Here are a handful of examples just to show you a few of the countless articles:

So why exactly is it that you would believe the official story and the news articles in the media?

Because it’s damn obvious to us that they are fooling you on purpose, both the mainstream and the alternative media. When you fail to see this now it is easy for us to imagine how they will fool you again very soon and we wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

After all, how many times do we need to point out the obvious?