Malaysia’s Flight 370: Important Update About the NAVSUPPFAC Website


First of all we have to inform you that we came under attack yesterday just hours after we published the two previous reports [1, 2] about Malaysia Airlines flight 370, i.e about the NAVSUPPFAC (Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia) and its website. Both our routers and our computer(s) were attacked and therefore we now have to use internet cafes which of course limits our operations.

Unfortunately, as you should already know by now we do not have any income or backup funds available since we lost everything during Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda on November 8, 2013.

We ask of all our readers to first of all try to help us with getting our infrastructure back up and running. More than ever are we now in need of your support. Please contact us when you want/can donate any amount. Our operations are too important and the sabotaging and attacks prove that.

Second, keep spreading our reports as far as you can, these are too important to just let slip away. The general public has to be really informed about flight 370!

So, upon opening our e-mail inbox today we found this message which is useful enough to publish here:

Our answer:

We know about this http/https issue, we are very well aware of what the difference is between the two and that one is a secure page.

Although we very much appreciate the caring for our well-being and our reputation, the only problem with the above theory is that the https version was served through Google search therefore it was planted there on purpose.

Here’s a screenshot which proves this:

malaysia airlines, flight 370, diego garcia, us navy, navsuppfac, military airport, awacs, ecm, electronic counter measures, fake photos, fake pictures

At the bottom of the screenshot you clearly see the https version / link to the NAVSUPPFAC website. That link is, for us, listed SECOND on the first page of Google search. This cannot be debunked, this link was planted there for a reason which we explained yesterday. That’s the only possible and legit conclusion in case that the https link should not be there or if it should not exist at all.

Obviously we stick to our report from yesterday!