Sandy Hook: The Agenda 21 and Freemasons Connections


It’s been 15 months since the December 14, 2012, staged Sandy Hook events in Newtown Connecticut took place. In those months there’s a flood of incriminating evidence that has been developing and it continues to buildup ever more. Rightfully, this development is perceived as a positive sign by thousands of people, in that it hopefully will allow to one day bring to justice those who have orchestrated one of the biggest spectacles in modern history.

As the search for real Sandy Hook answers continues there’s also another side of the December 14 event that is increasingly being explored by independent investigators. More and more, obvious links between the alleged school shooting and other events are being exposed.

Agenda 21

In the first video that is embedded in this article the clear link between Sandy Hook and the UN’s Agenda 21 is brought to light. Indeed, the references to Agenda 21 are factual and undeniable.

Furthermore it should be mentioned that the reference to the (international) Freemasons society in the following video is also correct [1, 2]. The current CT Chip website (Masonikids) (version 2002) that you will see is merely a smaller part of a much broader Freemasons organizations, i.e. Masonichip International, Inc. This can be proven through this and this archived version of the CT Chip website, just in case any doubt may exist. Masonichip on its turn is also part of a much broader campaign, Take 25, which is sponsored by the U.S. government in cooperation with several other private organizations, charities and law enforcement agencies and fraternities.

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In this third video real estate regarding parents and participants in the Sandy Hook spectacle, of December 2012, is being explored. When the findings are correct then these as well can perfectly be linked to the implementation of Agenda 21, meaning that when the U.S. government and private financial interest groups are buying/have bought out the citizens in these neighborhoods it certainly would make it much easier to eventually force the citizens of this community to relocate to the planned mega-cities and for the real estate to be inhabited only by those who hold prime positions when it concerns Agenda 21 and its implementation. Freemasons for example.

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And then there’s hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm (October 22, 2012, to October 31, 2012), which should rightfully also be linked to both the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting, for through its name it pre-emphasized what was yet to come in December of 2012, and Agenda 21, for the hurricane would be used as a poisonous argument that the force and size of the super storm was due to man made global warming which is of course a set of total lies [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9].

It is with photos like these four, 1234, that it has been proven that the deliberate enhancement (through the use of HAARP for example) of hurricane Sandy also served to further the deceptive Agenda 21 program. The four pictures, of the many others that we have, of actual scenes where the hurricane allegedly passed, Breeze Point Queens, clearly prove that those fires were not caused by the hurricane but that those fires were started on purpose by operatives who are equally responsible for the lies and creation of Frankenstorm Sandy. Also here may apply the same reason for these heinous crimes by government officials and their thugs, i.e. to gradually force people into the planned Agenda 21 mega-cities.

That Sandy Hook was planned long before it kicked-off has been proven numerous times and that secretive organizations like the Freemasons play a big part in these kinds of events can also not be denied when the evidence is considered because these same Freemasons, and other secretive communities, have a proven foot in the door of international finance and envisage/operate strong pro-UN education [2] systems and facilities in order for their offspring to eventually continue the United Nations deception and brigandage.

So, it makes only sense that they too will be involved in the implementation of Agenda 21 in which huge amounts of money, US$ 100+ billion per year, are involved and to be gained.

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UN Norway

In addition we can honestly write that the Sandy Hook spectacle was created and used not only to provide more reasons to ban firearms, which continues to be a huge talking point also in several other cases. The situation was also created and used to justify the alleged need to have parents fingerprinted, further expanding big brother’s database. This perfectly fits when the CT Chip program is considered.

* * *

“Sandy Hook school: Fingerprinting Reminder

All parents who intend to volunteer in our kindergarten and first grade classes MUST be fingerprinted before being allowed to interact with the students. Volunteers for grades 2-4 with direct one-on one contact with a child also must be fingerprinted. If you were fingerprinted last year, you do not need to go through the process again.

Fingerprint cards and instructions can be picked up at the Board of Education Central office at Fairfield Hills Campus.

The district will cover all related costs, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses.”

* * *

So there you have it, the proof that the Sandy Hook psychological operation was created in order to:

  • produce several multimillion-dollar income streams;
  • gradually implement Agenda 21, which includes tainted (FALSE) green movements, the banning of firearms and the feminizing of men (e.g. through promoting green Sandy Hook nail polish for men);
  • further the planned collapse of the current international community [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]