Malaysia’s Flight 370: The 3 Realities and proven Manipulation by the Western Media


Three Realities: One for the West, One for the East and the Truth

In order for the general public to understand what is going on with Malaysia Airlines flight 370 it is imperative to also understand who is behind the deliberate distribution of false information in both the Western region and the Far-East.

Just like the AWACS mission is highly compartmentalized in a failed attempt to not spill the whole can of beans so is the news and reporting compartmentalized given that different regions on the planet are intentionally provided with different narratives.

The following two photos, of which the first is the authentic one and the second the edited one, are one way to prove that in Asia a different narrative exists regarding Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

The first picture shows a scene where an arrest of alleged “terrorists” is being made, next to an Air Macau airplane, which is not related to flight 370 since flight 370 is a Malaysian airplane. Yet the picture was used to deliberately misinform the regional audience because in the altered version of the first photo it is clear to see that the Malaysia Airlines logo was put over the Air Macau logo.

According to our investigation the edited version with the Malaysian logo was used in the local news (South-East Asia) and more than likely even on TV because people have reported that they witnessed seeing the faked photo with a BBC logo on it. This suggests therefore that indeed the fake photo was shown on TV because that’s where the BBC logo would obviously be used to make it appear to be real. Some translated comments can be found under these pictures.

malaysia airlines, fake pictures, fake photos, flight 370

Rough translation:

“terrorist forces against China under the support of unmanned aircraft operating English raided the safe rescue 227 passengers and 12 crew who belong, including 2 infants”


“widespread image in which the image above is an image of truth and the bottom image is the image that is being actively propagated now kononnya It # MH370. Quaint, crew ni (leg edit) there was no other work to? What is sexy when convey a false declaration? To others, be cautious…”…ref=10

“Spread false picture when it shows the security managed to peawat mh370 of terrorists.

The picture seemed really happened the logo on board Air Macau has been replaced by the logo of Malaysia Airlines. Even the BBC logo was also placed may want to show the credibility of the photograph. The act of the national media is indeed very irresponsible. Malaysians may be worth researching a few times first news came from Vietnam. Much of the news about the plane mh370 released by state media just sensationalized only.”…-pengganas.html

It does not really require any imagination in order to know that this photo op certainly originated where the same-legs-guys came from. One photo of those same-legs-guys was distributed by CNBC’s Singapore correspondent Sri Jegarajah. We have asked him why exactly it is that he distributed this FAKE “terrorist” photo on Twitter but Sri has yet to provide us with any answers as we write this report.

malaysia airlines, fake pictures, fake photos, flight 370

Follow this FAKE picture, posted by CNBC reporter Sri Jegarajah:

Follow the 4KEY.NET comment on Sri Jegarajah’s Tweet:

Another way to prove the different narratives is with this blog post (translated with Google):

“Western media uncovered the possibility of a political tendency…”

The blog post indicates correctly that the framing of Captain Zaharie is a pure Western media propaganda campaign. Although we can not confirm that the blog post is trying to point out that it concerns propaganda, given that it specifically mentions that the “news” about Zaharie’s alleged political motives in the flight 370 case comes from WESTERN MEDIA outlets such as The Mirror and The Mail it is safe to claim that indeed also this piece of propaganda was hatched in the West.

If not, then why is there no reference in the blog post to local news outlets and why is that blogger trying to establish it so bluntly that the “news” about Zaharie was “uncovered” by the Western media?

March 18, 2014:

“Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today the international media should not criticize Malaysia and its national airline on the way they deal with the loss of flight MH370.

“It is easy to criticize but we are facing a situation that has never been experienced by any country in the world. If you say that Malaysia has failed (to address the loss of the aircraft), that means the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and other countries (which help the search and rescue) have failed, why not blame them also?”Port Berita

malaysia airlines, flight 370, international media, tun m

One of the major reasons why flight 370 was hijacked may certainly still be related to the Freescale and other engineers on board of flight 370. However, as it should be expected, there’s a broader agenda being executed given the obvious international character of the flight 370 case and investigation.

That more regional influence for the U.S. and NATO is being pursued in the region is a fact. It is pointless for any credible person to doubt this. The massive deployment of resources by the Western allies can attest to this because it would equally be pointless to assume that these resources will not stay there now that everything is in place to further surround and challenge (aggravate) China initially but also Russia in the aftermath of the buildup of excessive tensions.

* * *

To doubt and question everything is good and has proven to be very productive and rewarding for countless people and companies but when the amount of evidence – that it is always the same group of agencies and governments who are responsible for the real terror – is so enormous then it is irresponsible and dangerous to further ignore it.