Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Is this Proof of a Fake Passengers Manifest?


With their big fat bullhorns the mainstream media is now claiming that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has finally been found. “All lives are lost,” is the latest catchphrase in media land as the propaganda machines are put in overdrive.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 allegedly went down in the southern Indian Ocean, at about 2500 km West of Perth, the first images that have to back up the claims are these “HD” masterpieces, no joke:

malaysia airlines, flight 370, found

malaysia airlines, flight 370, found

As any critical person will notice of course, the first image hardly shows anything else but a Picmonkeyed photo and the second image is not even decent competition for the 1986 Sega 8-bit Wonderboy game which has a much better image definition. Hell, even the 1978 Philips Videopac G7000 could do better then this.

Seriously, when you use Google maps, you get a rather military grade image quality, available for the general public and that’s not even so very cool when one considers the U.S. ARGUS’ capacities. Of course, they will come up with better creations now once the final media campaign goes in hyper drive.

But what is even more interesting than the for now alleged finding of flight 370 is the fact that not just one mainstream news outlet has provided us with yet another clue. Several news outlets, respected by the general public, now claim that there was only one American on board of flight 370. Philip Wood. Of the two children, Americans aged 2 and 4, there is no sign any more in the latest reporting about the final destination of flight 370.

Obviously someone has already forgotten about the passengers manifest.

But what does this mean or at least what does this allow to conclude? Is it acceptable to assume that the passengers and crew list has also been tampered with just like the photos of the same-legs-guys?

If so then this would mean that the 4 Freescale patent holders may have been on board of flight 370 after all. If they were then we know what happened to them at Diego Garcia’s interrogation facilities.

CNN, March 24, 2014

  • “Sarah Bajc, the partner of the only American aboard the flight, Philip Wood, canceled all media interviews after the announcement.”

Fox 6, March 24, 2014

  • A Facebook page dedicated to the only American aboard the flight, Philip Wood, said of relatives that “our collective hearts are hurting now.”

Examiner, March 24, 2014

  • Phillip Wood was the only American on board the flight, and a Facebook page has been set up to remember him. His relatives released a statement through their social media pages saying, “our collective hearts are hurting now.”

Now, get ready for the flight 370 hyper drive in-your-face media campaign, no-holds-barred!