Malaysia Flight 370: Mainstream Media Forced to Admit Fake Photos?!


What independent investigators have been saying since March 11, 2014, the day that the FAKE photos of the alleged “Iranian terrorists” were released, the mainstream media is now parroting too – only they’re 13 days late!

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The media has been recycling their Malaysia Airlines flight 370 reporting over and over since March 8 and as a result they don’t know what to write anymore. Instead of yet another round of fabrications they now have to turn to some real facts in an attempt to stay important enough in the news landscape. Unfortunately they are awfully late and what they are bringing today is merely a worn-out copy and paste technique ever since March 11, 2014.

The fact that they can only come up with a “new lead” in the flight 370 case by copying what we have been writing all along shows exactly how empty their shell is. Our reporting is miles ahead of the establishment media, even when we have dropped the ball once.

But there’s more proof that the media has no clues any longer about what exactly to write about Malaysia Airlines flight 370, in order to keep their crumbling readership from completely evaporating eventually.

For instance, when the mainstream media has to write articles like this: “Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Handsome Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Russell Adams is the Newest Internet Sensation,” then you can already see how desperate they really are. In fact it’s with articles like these that it can be assumed that indeed flight 370 must have been at Diego Garcia after which it was transported or flown to another location if not dumped or blown up once the engineers were debriefed.

Although it’s good that they now point to the same-legs-guys, 13 days later than us and Jim Stone, it is still an obvious sign that their in-depth reporting is really none-existent. Which reminds us of how Susanne Cohen Posel gained popularity and operates her websites, parroting and copy-pasting , “ctrl+c ctrl+v.”

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