Latest Fukushima Propaganda Piece: “The Life of Nuke Worker” Recorded as Manga

Fukushima 3/11 Truth

We will share the following manga with you today for the sole purpose of documenting yet another innovative way, by the mainstream Western government propaganda machines, of dis-informing the general public about Fukushima.

While reading this tainted and deceptive publication keep in mind that it has been proven beyond any doubt that the nuclear reactors at Fukushima were destroyed deliberately through the use of Stuxnet and hard weaponry, such as nuclear explosive devises, proudly provided by the state of Israel, Magna BSP and the U.S. government.

Remember that the UN, the USGS, the NRC, the EU, Greenpeace and the WWF are equally complicit in the cover-up of the truth, by calling the nuclear disaster an “accident,” while we have extensively proven that the disaster is a combination of deliberate sabotage, eco-terror and acts of war.


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