NSS 2014: Barry Soetoro and Pedophile Elio Di Rupo, Belgian Prime Minister and Freemason

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Meet Barry Soetoro Obama and Pedophile Elio Di Rupo (Belgian prime minister and freemason) who were obviously having fun during the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands.

That Di Rupo is indeed a pedophile is not a fantasy story.

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When Belgian MP Laurent Louis recently called the Belgian prime minister a pedophile again, in the Belgian parliament, the national and local media in Belgium were all too quick to condemn Louis’ actions and actually defended Di Rupo the pedophile. This behavior is in stark contrast to their articles and reports from the 1990s when the media was actually fighting Di Rupo with proven cases of pedophilia committed by the now prime minister of Belgium.

It is disgusting how the general public and the media seem to glorify both political pedophiles like Di Rupo and pedophile organizations like the United Nations, while they’re putting up a charade of keeping nuclear material and weapons out of terrorist hands.

Of course, at summits like the NSS 2014 real terrorists who are responsible for actual nuclear attacks, like Israel [1, 2] and the U.S., are not being condemned. In fact they are “respected guests and delegates.” But that is to be expected of course from people, governments and organizations who help to cover up staged events like Sandy Hook and the suffering of the victims of pedophilia [1, 2].

It is at summits like the NSS 2014, where the “leaders” pose in their monkey suits, that the real one world government intentions (greed, depopulation, deception,…) of these summits become clear for those who are willing to see it, with masonic pyramids and badges creatively introduced through an accompanying ceremony and video.

Again, it all fits perfect with the pedophile character of the exposed politicians and organizations. It shows how slimy all this filth really is.