Round-op Alpha: #GlobalArrest

Round-op Alpha: Global Roundup Operation One

Ask yourself. How many demonstrations and marches have been organized in the last decade alone? How many of those were actually successful? Assuming that there were any successful initiatives at all. How have these changed anything in society?

After all, the same group of people is still in charge. The same group of people still makes the laws and the same group of people still wages wars. Add to this undeniable fact that most of the people in the world haven’t got the slightest idea where money comes from, how it is created and what the actual value of it is and it becomes clear why corruption, for example, is still prevalent.

It is therefore that a growing group of private individuals, government officials and (non) (for) profit organizations from around the world recognizes that in order to achieve real change real action has to be undertaken.

Enter Round-op Alpha.


How will you support the cause?

  • Round-op Alpha is searching for graphic, video and audio artists who want to help with the online and offline information campaigns.
  • Do you see yourself capable of helping with the actual arrests of the R-oA2014-listed individuals? Round-op Alpha calls out all law enforcement officials around the world to do the right thing for their respective countries.
  • In those nations where citizens arrests are legal/lawful we call out any and all civilians to help us execute the peaceful arrests of the R-oA2014-listed individuals.

We ask of everyone who is opposed to the formation of the world government to put faith in our and your cause. It is most likely to be the most effective operation by far, but it requires your input too.

Round-op Alpha is not a PSYOP, nor a CO-OPTED nor a COINTELPRO initiative. Be advised that any initiatives claiming to be affiliated with  Round-op Alpha are always listed on this website. If they are not listed here then they are not affiliated with us.

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