Suspicious Earthquake Signatures that Raise Eyebrows


This article will shine some light on alleged natural earthquakes. The assumptions herein are based on information provided by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, IRIS and Scientific American more specifically on these seismograms:

lawrence livermore lobaratory, seismograms

lawrence livermore lobaratory, seismograms

north korea, nuclear testsSeismograms showing vertical ground velocity from North Korea’s October 2006 test (green), May 2009 test (red), and February 2013 test (blue) as recorded at GSN/China Digital Seismic Network station MDJ. A 0.5 Hz high-pass filter has been applied. (IRIS DMC)

scientific american, seismograms

It is because of the fact that the above seismograms clearly show the difference between natural earthquakes, their signatures and nuclear tests, or other man made explosions for that matter, that we deem it valuable to put into question the nature, the origin or cause of the following alleged natural earthquakes that obviously seem to display the same features (signatures) as nuclear test or other man made explosions do.

Indonesia, September 2, 2009

earthquake, java, indonesia, september 2, 2009


Sumatra, Indonesia, December 26, 2004

earthquake, sumatra, indonesia, december 26, 2004

Source: (amateur)

Turkey, August 17, 1999

earthquake, turkey, august 17, 1999


Nassau, Germany, February 14, 2011

earthquake, nassau, germany, february 14, 2011


“Unusual moderate and shallow earthquake in Germany”

North of Clarkdale, Arizona, 2011

earthquake, clarkdale, arizona, 2011


Wagoner County, Oklahoma, October 25, 1998

earthquake, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, October 25, 1998Source:

Christchurch, New Zealand, September 3-4, 2010

earthquake, christchurch, new zealand, september 4, 2010Source:

earthquake, christchurch, new zealand, september 3, 2010Source:

Guerrero, Mexico, August 20-21, 2013

earthquake, Guerrero, Mexico, August 20-21, 2013Source:

Banda Sea, Indoneasia, January 27, 2006

earthquake, Banda Sea, Indoneasia, January 27, 2006Source:

Do the above seismograms which look very similar to the signature of man made explosions indicate that they indeed were man made in some way? Not necessarily, but the similarities are indeed very striking.

Given the fact that the data regarding the Japanese 7.0 earthquake from March 11, 2011, has been tampered with in various ways, which still leads to the general public’s misinterpretation of what actually happened in Fukushima, Japan, on that day, it is therefore normal to even question the April 17, 2014, earthquake in the U.K.

For all we know and considering all the previous tampering in recent history, by official institutions like the USGS and the NRC, with earthquake data the epicenter of that earthquake – U.K., April 17 – might as well have been near seismic/seismographic station STRD/hhz.




But also, when one considers how the effects are being described according to the magnitude level of an earthquake like in the image below, it can again be confirmed that indeed there was no 9.0 earthquake in or near Japan on March 11, 2011. Just like witness accounts have proven over and over again [1, 2, 3].

earthquakes, magnitude

When a magnitude 8 earthquake causes “waves” that “can be seen traveling through the ground” then one can hardly imagine what a 9.0 earthquake, which is 10 times stronger than a magnitude 8, will do to the ground and everything on it. Indeed, total destruction guaranteed. Yet that is not what the evidence suggests, by far!


Keep doubting and questioning any and all official narratives.

* * *

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