Flight MH370: “Even the Russians and Chinese Know Where the Plane Went”

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Koen Jacobs – Truth News International, 4Key.net, Publicintel.net

Even the Russians and Chinese know where the plane of flight MH370 went.

Of course their silence is for one of the following two reasons:

1. In the event that Russia and China know the location and what went down on March 8 speaking up about the truth would be perceived by the U.S. and its allies as a declaration of war by Russia and/or China;

2. In the event that Russia and China know the location and what went down on March 8 yet opt to keep “radio silence” would suggest that they too are involved in what I have been figuring out for a few weeks now, although I cannot provide hard proof, that the MH370 event was an exercise not only for the military and world government but also for the public to measure how well the public can be deployed in military operations for certain objectives. Gradually involving the public in such operations will in time result in the public’s deployment in offensive objectives such as assisting in actual combat be it over the internet.

Ender’s Game, although a movie, is a perfect example of how one can be fooled into doing things one wouldn’t expect of being involved in.

MH370 was likely part of the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 where a war game was simulated.

But again, in the event that the above item #2 is the case, of which I’m increasingly convinced, then it once again proves that there’s no muscle-rolling nor any authentic world war build-up since all the alleged opposite parties were gathered at the NSS 2014. Not to mention what is being planned and said in real secret by heads of state.

From the governments of the U.S. to Belgium and from Russia to China, they’re all really living in the same house of doom. It’s really becoming obvious to me that it’s them against the people and it don’t matter where “the people” live or are from.

It’s like Orwell’s 1984, keeping up the facade of West vs East but behind the scenes they really are partners in crime, which is why they should all be round up together and locked up together in a large cute re-education/labor camp for life, in the event that we should keep those trash bags alive.