The Financial “Crisis” and the September 11 Signature… in 2007 and 2008

When habitual offenders, career criminals and serial thugs go out and do their jobs – often after long, intense and detailed planning – quite often do they also leave specific clues behind on who they are. They get a kick out of it when they can leave behind their signature at the crime scenes they had envisaged earlier.

It is not different for the high-level and high-profile perpetrators in our society. They too are addicted to showing off about what they’ve done and they too leave behind their very own signature. However, their crime scenes are likely to be the biggest in the entire history of habitual, career and serial crimes. The crime scenes they leave behind span from the US to Asia and from Africa to Europe. Their crime scenes literally are of worldwide proportion.

By now it has become too obvious, it can not be denied that the same group of people and organizations are responsible for the biggest crimes in modern history that affect every person on this planet and it’s their signature that gives it all away. Any detective, intelligence operative, prosecutor, military scout, expert or analyst with even the slightest bit of expertise, even the amateurs, can and should recognize that the world, the social fabric, has been altered on purpose by high-level and high-profile perpetrators whose signature is “the eleventh of the month” and preferably – although not always possible of course since not everyone is willing to submit to psychopaths – accompanied by the month of September. It’s like turkey on Thanksgiving, or salt and pepper on your steak.

  • 9/11 (September 11) 2001, 9/11 2003, 9/11 2007, 9/11 2008 [1, 2], 9/11 2012 [1, 2], 9/11 2013 (even the New York State lottery was favorable to the 911 combination in 2002. Or was it…)

On September 11, 2007, in the UK, Northern Rock announced that it had secured emergency funding from the Bank of England. On the same day the five-year period of its guaranteed equity bonds and high-interest accounts “packaged within one product” would end. The promised returns on those equity bonds and high-interest accounts obviously were based on derivatives performances. Since Northern Rock had already applied for a bailout from the Bank of England prior to September 11 (2007), because it takes more than just a day’s notice to secure such loans, it can be assumed with great certainty that Northern Rock knew very well what was about to happen. The fact that they applied for the bailout shows that they were already aware that the FTSE 100-linked derivatives market on which the returns of their equity bonds and high-interest accounts were based was going to cause serious problems. As even amateur observers know by now, the entire financial market was and still is rigged so there can be no doubt that Northern Rock knew this already long before the general public found out about it.

As a result, Goldman Sachs – of all financiers in the world – was brought in to save the day, although it was already known in 2004-2005 that Northern Rock, among others, would be incapable of surviving a crash.

“The government needed to bring in investment bankers from Goldman Sachs to help run the bank and agreed a £4m “success” fee without defining what success was – so it was never paid. They also allowed Goldman Sachs to keep the intellectual property rights over the financial modelling they used to rescue the bank. The result, the auditors note, is that a blueprint on how to save a failing bank will not be available to the government in future unless it pays Goldman Sachs a fee.”The Guardian, March 20, 2009

A claim that says that the date of September 11, 2007, is pure coincidence can not be substantiated because also at Northern Rock they were well aware, years prior to 2007, that their banking activities would blow up in their clients’ faces and that one way or another taxpayers would pick up the tab, and that was exactly what was being worked towards by the too big to jail and fail banksters ever since the first day of bringing down Glass-Steagall.

A year later in the US, on September 11, 2008, Lehman Brothers was brought down by “unsubstantiated rumors and illegal naked short selling,” according to then Lehman CEO Richard Fuld. Harvey Pitt, a former SEC chairman, said that “we had another word for this in Brooklyn, the word was fraud.” Fraud would indeed be a much better description because by now we all know what had really happened and what is going on. That the whole international financial market is being manipulated by Wall Street, its sharks and corrupt politicians.

Again, also here September 11 is no coincidence, it wouldn’t make any sense any longer to claim the opposite. There are “elevens” all over the place. From the US to Japan and from Spain to Libya. A certain group of people, institutions and corporations are behind this pattern, a certain group of habitual, career and serial criminals are orchestrating these events. Any sane investigator should already have come to this conclusion and should already have taken the necessary steps to inform the people they care about and their superiors, in the event that they work for a government.

Yet, we don’t see this clear pattern and signature being reported or discussed nor by any mainstream media outlet. This begs the questions: Who is running these media outlets? Where are the real journalists there? Because they certainly have no problem with spreading fake same-legs pictures when an airplane goes missing and they feel quite comfortable to make the world believe that earthquakes and tsunamis only happen naturally.

When you didn’t notice the pattern earlier, then now is the right time to start paying attention because it is guaranteed that more “elevens” will come.