Brussels Shooting at Jewish Museum Already Branded as “Antisemitic Terrorism” … Without Any Proof

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Saturday afternoon, yesterday, around 3.50 pm an alleged “lone gunman” opened fire in the jewish museum downtown Brussels, Belgium. One of the alleged suspects was reportedly seen arriving at the scene in a car, an Audi, while the driver took off. It is reported that the shooter walked away after the shooting but conflicting reports also claim that he/they drove off in the same car.

Later last night police investigators in Belgium proudly reported in full media attention that they had swiftly apprehended a suspect but who was released soon after being interrogated and eventually being declared a witness only. This sudden twist in the investigation is just as weird as the immediate claims by national and international politicians and press that the shooting was an act of “antisemitic terrorism,” although no evidence currently exists that this is in fact the case. Again the media, politicians and lobby groups have profiled an incident in such manner that it can already benefit their common “war on terror” propaganda. Also the term “Al Qaeda” has already been mentioned by comparing the Brussels shooting with the Toulouse incident in France two years ago.

The shooter is claimed to have shot four people in the Brussels jewish museum, two Israeli nationals from Tel Aviv and two employees of the museum of which one was a volunteer, all victims are reportedly dead. The museum shooter seemed a trained shooter, he shot the victims in the head and throat, hallmarks of skilled shooting and professional assassins. An early report by the Dutch TV text service spoke of 3 deaths and 12 victims [2]. That report was later retracted but another Dutch media outlet maintains that there are at least 10 victims, further indicating that the establishment press is aiding in making this alleged shooting a useful event for the “war on terror” by exaggerating what has happened. The shooting took place in the Sablon area where a three-day jazz festival was in full swing. The area is usually clogged with tourists and shoppers on weekends, a perfect setting for “terror” news spins.

Belgian foreign minister Didier Reynders was one of the first bystanders on the scene, he claims that it was he who called for police and emergency units at the crime scene at the museum. He also said that the shooting may have been an act of antisemitism, although the investigation has still to be concluded.

Belgian minister of internal affairs Joëlle Milquet issued a statement declaring that the highest level of security had been installed, level 4, resulting in high-alert presence and security for the jewish community in Brussels. Also Antwerp has raised security levels in its jewish community quarters, including the Diamond Quarter.

Chairman of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism Joël Rubinfeld immediately made a public announcement saying that it was an act of terror of antisemitic nature, although no evidence exists that would currently suggest that that is indeed the case. His remarks were swiftly followed by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement, declaring the attack “a result of instigating hatred towards jews and Israel.” Netanyahu also said that “we keep hearing lies being spread in Europe against the state of Israel and this while crimes against humanity and murders occur in our region that are being ignored.” Also the World Jewish Congress already branded the shooting as antisemitic terrorism and urged the EU government to put antisemitism and the attack in Brussels high on its agenda.

To which crimes Netanyahu is referring remains unclear but the fact is that Israel is waging a police state apartheid regime against Palestinians, although we are quite sure he is not referring to these crimes (Libanon 1978, 1982-2000, 2006; Palestine 1987-1993 and 2000-2005; Jenin [1, 2]; Gaza 2009 to present).

The shooter, a “European type wearing dark clothes” was carrying two duffle bags during the shooting, writes Flemish newspaper De Morgen. Haaretz responded to this information and wrote that “for now, the scenario of radical Muslim attackers – rather than neo-Nazis ones – is the most likely.”

Of course this is a completely baseless assumption because we know that the Israeli government is working in tandem with neo-nazis in Ukraine, who are by the way both responsible for the murders in Odessa. Also from other reports, also at least once published by Haaretz, we know that the “jewish support for the far-right” in Belgium is gaining momentum, described by Haaretz as “a phenomenon in Antwerp that would have been inconceivable not long ago.”

The shooting at the jewish museum in Brussels also resulted in the canceling of various in advance planned political debates, concerning today’s elections in Belgium and the EU. The politicians and parties that were set to participate in the televised debates on the VTM TV channel announced the debates being cancelled in respect for the victims. This decision was not well received by countless citizens in Flanders and Belgium who complained via Twitter that the shooting should not be used as an excuse to cancel the TV debates. According to several citizens and their tweets to VTM, who was to host the debates, the politicians in Belgium show that they are afraid to be confronted with real questions.

  • “Why is the jewish community so important in Belgium? Why not the same attention for other populations?!”MS
  • “No ultimate debate! Silly excuse! Half doesn’t dare to debate with Bart… [N-VA, Flemish nationalist party]”SAM
  • “Debate cancelled: one terrorist determines agenda.”EG
  • “After the shooting in Erembodegem [May 22, 2014] the [political] campaign continued.”DM
  • “Comedy show is not being cancelled … strange”KP
  • “Why not a minute silence or so? This is ridiculous.”KV
  • “Don’t understand it? What is the relevance? Upon death Dehaene EU debate continued”JD
  • “They’re all getting away easy [the politicians]. Anything to not get caught pants down.”RH
  • “I find this abuse of circumstances.”T
  • “A debate particularly now is appropriate.”NDD
  • “Tweeting [political] pictures of celebrations 2 hours after attack and then damage control. #Weak”T
  • “Maybe our politicians were not well-prepared for a debate about security?”SP
  • “Or afraid that one party might capitalize on this ‘isolated’ accident?”P
  • “Unbelievable how they use every opportunity to not have to debate.”J
  • “No national debate due to event … pity … wanted to see what the parties their opinions are…”S
  • “Just ridiculous. This has nothing to do with each other. Will the elections of tomorrow also be cancelled???”CW
  • Every day people die. Maybe no more broadcasting of programs out of respect for the families of the deaths daily”JC
  • “Please cancel the elections as well out of respect for the victims!”KVDS
  • “Silly to cancel debate. Weak. Every day people die. All scared, yeah.”T
  • “Sorry but this is ridiculous to cancel the ultimate debate.”GD
  • “My condolences for the victims bu this is stupid.”DK
  • “When one shooter can silence the democratic debate then our democracy has weak foundations.”DB
  • “First disarming the citizens and the police and then there’s panic when something like this happens.”TV
  • “Media and politics give in to terror. Brave…”KR
  • “What about respect for the voters?”SN

Indeed it is striking how fast the Belgian politicians have changed course by cancelling the national debates for today’s national and EU elections, clearly under strong influence of the pro-Israel faction in Belgium and abroad who was all too eager to throw around the terms “antisemitic,” “terrorism” and “radical muslim” even without any conclusive evidence. Obviously the Israel lobby in Belgium has had its way again by completely overshadowing the elections and the possible hard questions that would have been asked in the final debates, with the hyping of this shooting incident in Brussels. They’ve made sure that all eyes would once again be focused on the “victimized” Israeli state.