EU Commission Chairman Candidate Guy Verhofstadt: “National Parliaments Should Not Interfere with European Commission Chairman”

According to EU Commission chairman candidate Guy Verhofstadt (former Belgian prime minister) national parliaments of EU member states should not have any saying in who or who doesn’t become EU Commission chairman. His remarks came on the eve of the European elections of May 25, 2014.

Verhofstadt said in a televised Z-Talk debate that the European parliament or the citizens should decide who will get the chairmanship at the EU Commission. If not then “this would almost mean the end of European democracy. It would seem like we are playing a game,” he said.

It is obvious that europhile Verhofstadt is into damage control hours before the EU elections because he is very well aware that an increasing number of Europeans are more than just eurosceptics, they outright reject the whole EU construct that was devised during previous decades of Bilderberg conferences. In an upcoming publication of a large-scale investigation into the Bilderberg Meetings, to be released later today by the SITHHC (May 25), the Bilderberg investigation has already been dubbed “Gangsterberg,” referring to the many proven links that Bilderberg insiders have to criminal activities.

Of course Guy Verhofstadt is pretending that the EU is a democratic construct because the whole of the European population knows that there’s nothing democratic about the EU. Bureaucrats and technocrats get appointed to the highest positions of power outside of the electoral system. We have seen this at the ECB, in Greece and Italy where Goldman Sachs agents [1, 2, 3] have taken over the countries’ governments with the assistance of the IMF, the US Treasury and after approval at Bilderberg of which the appointed technocrats are all members.

In 2011, European Council president Herman van Rompuy was caught with his back against the wall and pants down when he said that it is “almost a lie” to say that the EU is not democratic, after being questioned by a Warsaw University student.