“Gangsterberg:” SITHHC Commission Opens Investigation into Bilderberg, Corporative Governance Wholesale Hub

In what is likely to be the first of its kind, the SITHHC Commission has announced today to have received an extensive complaint against Bilderberg and declared it has started its investigation.

The plaintiffs, Round-op Alpha Internal Justice Office, World Internet Union and SITHHC Initial Representatives, who represent “the people” have compiled a list of evidence that is intended to prove the effective existence and power of the secretive collective called Bilderberg Meetings. In the filed case Bilderberg is referred to as “Gangsterberg” and a “corporative governance wholesale hub” in reference to Bilderberg’s many direct links to high-level and high-profile criminal cases that have been documented by the plaintiffs and to Bilderberg’s influence on decision-making by governments.

An excerpt of the filed case reads:

“As you can witness for yourself, those claiming to improve the world and society, the Bilderberg “charities” and the annual conference attendees, are involved in the biggest scandals and fraud cases in modern history. Yet according to most news outlets there’s no news to be gathered at Bilderberg, this can be concluded from the poor, if any, establishment media coverage on the Bilderberg meetings. Still, the media and governments claim that Bilderberg has no influence on sovereignty or world governance, although it has been established beyond any doubt that the very Management Committee of Bilderberg UK is directly linked to the international financial market manipulation practices that directly influence the entire society on this planet. And these people should be left alone when they congregate in secret? What else are they planning there at these conferences?

Where are the real mainstream journalists? Is there really no one who has any guts in the establishment press?

Linking Bilderberg, or rather ‘Gangsterberg,’ directly to the rigging of international financial markets, money laundering for drug cartels and several other serious criminal cases, based on hard facts, now that is news!”

The list of exhibits currently includes 100 items. The SITHHC Commision writes that “the plaintiffs can still add additional evidence, documents and information up until the SITHHC Commission has concluded its investigations, after which it shall lay the complaints and its investigations before the Tribunal.”

In the event that an actual court or tribunal case should be held against Bilderberg then we already look forward to May 25, 2015, the day the SITHHC Commission is set to close its investigations into Gangsterberg. Anyway it turns out, a precedent has been set. The Bilderberg group is certainly the biggest corporative cartel so far to be held accountable for fraudulently securing political, diplomatic and economic immunity on an international level. For crimes against humanity; crimes against specific groups of citizens; crimes against peace; brigandage; war crimes; government-sponsored, government-supported, government-tolerated conspiracies, terrorism; psychological warfare and fraudulent financial operations.