Update: Brussels Shooting at Jewish Museum

Yesterday we reported on the shooting that occurred in a jewish museum in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday. We described how, under strong pressure from the Israel lobby, the Belgian government and media had already concluded that the shooting was an act of “antisemitic terrorism,” although no evidence existed that could substantiate such claims.

During the elections in Belgium and the EU, Sunday May 25, police investigators released CCTV footage and photos from inside the museum and from its entrance wherein the shooter can be seen. Because the police investigators are stuck in the investigation and can’t identify the shooter they have requested the public for tips and help.

The video footage and photos were released the next day, after the shooting had occurred. The video quality does not allow to identify the alleged shooter. Yet, within hours after the shooting on Saturday the government, the Israel lobby and the media had already established the narrative and had already shaped the public opinion by claiming that the attack was an act of terrorism aimed at the jewish community and Israel. Haaretz even went as far as to claim that it was almost certain that it involved Muslim extremists, even though no images or video footage was yet released. A full day before the eventual videos and photos were provided to the public by the Belgian police was it already concluded by the Israel lobby and several other government sources, and eventually the press, that the attack looked very similar to Al Qaeda’s MO. Founded on wild assumption without any evidence to back up these claims.

The available videos and images provide no credible indications that indeed the alleged shooter is a Muslim or a member of Al CIAda:

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgNLryxEB7U

Today, May 26, we read DailyMail’s updated version of their article on the shooting in Brussels wherein it is now being claimed that “authorities strongly suspect Al Qaeda-linked Islamic radicals are behind the attack.” No source for such claims is provided nor any evidence to back it up. Although it is widely known that DailyMail is a trashy tabloid piece, millions of people do read it every day so the article certainly has a lot of influence on public opinion and is by many perceived as the official narrative.

The victims are claimed to be Emanuel Riva and Miriam Riva from Tel Aviv, Dominique Chabrier and Alexandre Strens.

[update May 27, 2014: The Riva’s two children, daughters, are Shira and Ayelet – age 17 and 15 or 16 and 15 (1, 2). The Riva’s funeral took place at the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv.]